The benefits of swimming are well known, especially lap swimming it’s a great overall body workout. In order to swim laps regularly, you might be thinking of building your own pool. But here are a few things you need to consider before your New Orleans pool construction.

Redding Lap Pools

Purpose of Your Lap Pool

First, ask yourself why you need to build a lap pool. Discuss with your family about their needs, and find out the reason they want a lap pool. Is it to get some more physical activity or to entertain your friends or is it what the doctor ordered? Do you need a spa or a hot tub addition? ­­­

Building a pool is a huge investment on your part. Hence, you have to make sure to get the right pool installation. If you plan to use it on a regular basis, you need to learn about weekly pool maintenance.

Lap Pool Dimensions

Building a lap pool helps you with your regular exercise, as well as makes for a beautiful addition in your backyard. Even if swimming is your hobby, or you wish to add it to your fitness regime, choose to get a lap pool rather than a standard pool.

Typically, lap pools are 5-10 feet wide, 40-75 feet in length, and up to 4 feet in depth. Hence, you can build these in even the narrowest of spaces. Traditionally, these are rectangular in shape, but you can choose a lap pool design that suits your home and style.

Building a Lap Pool

Like with any inground pool, you need to get city permits and plan the plumbing specifics. Make sure to consult the right pool builders to install a new lap pool for your New Orleans home.

In the design phase, mention your lap pool requirements, whether you need a hot tub or spa addition. Although a lap pool is mostly for practical uses, you can also embellish it with custom water and fire features.

Lap Pools Prices

Benefits of Having a Lap Pool

With lap swimming right at your home pool, you don’t have to worry about driving long distances to your gym. Furthermore, due to the longer dimensions, there will be more space for the whole family to cool off. Your kids will appreciate their pool time better with lap pools.

In addition to the physical benefits, lap pools also relieve emotional stress as you dip your feet in the cool water. Meditating in your pool also gives you relaxation and calming effect on your mind.

Designing Your Lap Pool

A lap pool doesn’t take away the focus from your backyard, like other designer pools. Though it is meant for lap swimming alone, you can play around with the design and make the most of your New Orleans pool. You can keep your lap pool simple in design and work on the surroundings and landscaping.

You can also look for designs where there is a separate area for kids, where they can play without any interruption from others. When you build a free form lap pool, this kind of contrast excites your visitors with its exquisite design.

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