When you own a pool, it is important to keep it clean and clear for enjoyable swims. To maintain the clarity of pool water, you need a clean and effective swimming pool filter. The maintenance of the pool filter is as important as any other equipment in your pool. Whether you have a cartridge, sand, or DE filter, you should follow a proper maintenance schedule to keep it in the best shape. Here are the signs to identify the right time for pool filter change:

Redding Pool Filter

When There’s a Spike in PSI

When the pool water moves through the filtration system, it undergoes immense pressure. This pressure is the PSI of your pool filter. If the PSI increases to an excessive level, it shows increasing strain on the filter. The dirty cartridge is the main cause of a high PSI. However, if it fails to fix the issue, you need a deeper cleaning of the filter cartridge. Eventually, if the cartridge still goes to a high level, it is the right time for a replacement. In the cartridges, the remar material may get over saturated and restrict the flow of water. This is when they need proper cleaning or replacement if the material is excessively clogged with dirt particles.

When the Cores Get Crushed

Sometimes, the inner core of swimming pool filter cartridges can collapse on its own. The inner core is a plastic reinforcement that supports pleats and prevents crushing of cartridge cores. This issue mainly results from a cracked inner core, small cartridges, or substandard cartridges. If you buy a wrong size of filter cartridges, this issue becomes inevitable. You have to replace the cartridge to prevent further damage.

When the End Caps Crack

The cartridges have plastic end caps that sandwich the material into a compact form. Although they are made from sturdy plastic material, yet they are vulnerable to harsh water. It makes them brittle and easy to crack or chip. If you find any cracks or chips on the end caps of your filter, it is time to replace the cartridge right away. However, if you continue to use a cartridge with broken caps, this material may cause equipment damage by circulating through the filtration system.

When the Fabric Begins to Fray

The pool filter cartridges are made from a porous fabric. This fabric allows the water while it stops debris. With normal wear and tear by water pressure, this material may start to fray or rip. Once it’s ripped, it allows debris into the pool pump. So, if you find the material of your cartridge looking furry, bumpy, or uneven, change the cartridge immediately.

pool cleaning mistakes

When the Pleats Flatten

The remar material in your pool cartridge becomes over saturated with dirt and debris. It causes the deforming or flattening of pleats. Flattened pleats not only restrict the flow of water but also the cleaning capability of the pool filter. Sometimes, a missing or broken band can also cause the flattening of the pleats.

These are some telltale signs when you need to change the cartridges in your swimming pool filter. Monitor them and take help of experts for replacing the filter cartridge.

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