Do you want to improve your outdoor experience? Then adding attractive fire features to your pool is the way to go. This choice is simply great to bring your loved ones together and enjoy a quality pool time. The options are limitless. Here are some popular features that will jazz up your backyard.

Fire Pit Glass

What Is Fire Glass?

outdoor fire pit

It is a tempered glass that is popular for its dynamics, an extensive array of color combinations and reflective capabilities. Do you know that fire glass is one of the common elements used in fire pits and fireplaces? Tempered glass has heat bearing properties. Fire glass gets this property from the extra polishing given to the glass. This polishing also curbs the sharp edges. Fire glass does not melt, burn, discolor, or create toxic fumes, smoke, and ash.

Flames dancing on your fire glass presents a magical effect and is visually stunning. All this while catering to your heating needs. This feature is durable, and you can enjoy its benefits for a long time. Maintenance is also easy. You can clean the dust build up by just scooping it out. Later, use any dish detergent for washing and rinsing.

Types Of Fire Pit Glass

Fire pit glass lets you say goodbye to the old logs and bring in exciting fire features to your home. They are available in beautiful varieties, multiple shapes, sizes, and colors.

Fire Pit beads: These resemble fire pit glass in that, they come in vibrant colors and radiate a hypnotic glow. Fire beads, however, are rounded and smoother. They do not differ much in shape or size.

Fire Pit Cubes: Create a truly unique look with these fantastic fire pit cubes. Fire glass is molded into the shape of an ice cube. These cubes are available in different colors that create an enchanting effect.

Fire Pit Diamonds: These jewel-like glass crystals offer a reflective shimmer that you see in diamonds. Elevate your fire features by their unmatched sparkle and brilliance.

Lava Rocks

outdoor fire pit

Lava rocks are specialists in creating a perfect mood for your outdoor experience. These porous stones set an ideal base for any outdoor theme you are planning to develop. They absorb heat and transmit positive energy in your yard. This fire feature can transform your poolside into an earthy and ancient ambiance. Traditional lava rocks are muted, rugged, and have a red hue that is generated from the oxidation of iron. But you can even go beyond the conventional Southwestern or Pacific themes and create your own modern motif.


Chiminea is one of the attractive fire features that let you enjoy a cozy outdoor experience. Chimineas resemble a fireplace. A small opening in the chimney contains the fire. This feature will prevent the rain from dampening your fire and allows you to enjoy maximum heat. The chimney also helps to direct the smoke upwards. This way, you are protected from the fumes while simultaneously enjoying the warmth by your pool.

Adding a fire feature to your pool is the best way to improve its aesthetic and create a perfectly relaxing ambiance. These exciting features are a great way to impress your guests, relax outdoors, or enjoy serene atmosphere in your backyard.

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