As a pool owner you probably know how important it is to keep up with your swimming pool maintenance in the Heart of Texas. Knowing how clean your swimming pool is means that you know how to prevent your pool from becoming dirty. No homeowner wants their backyard oasis to become dirty. Keep reading to learn how to properly clean your pool.

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How to Properly Clean your Pool

There are five major steps in pool cleaning. These steps consist of weekly, bi-weekly and monthly services. Make sure you have a solid foundation of knowledge so you know what pool cleaning steps need to be complete and how frequently they should be completed. No one wants a cloudy pool, so lets go over some steps on how to properly clean your pool.

Test the Water & Add Pool Chemicals

Another step to add to your weekly cleaning routine is testing your pools water’s chemicals. Making sure that the chemicals in your swimming pool are properly balanced is extremely important. You can easily find chemical testing strips in your local pool supply store. Once you test your pool water, this is what you’ll be looking out for.

Free chlorine, which helps sanitize the germs from your swimming pool. Acidity/Alkalinity, which is commonly referred to has the pH level. Acidity needs to be between 7.5 to 7.8, and Alkalinity needs to be between 60-120. One last chemical to test for is Calcium hardness, this should be anywhere between 220-350. If any of these are low, add in the right amount of chemicals to balance everything out.   

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Brush the Pool Walls

Brushing your swimming pool walls is a task that should be completed during your weekly pool maintenance routine. It is important to brush the walls of your pool so that the dirt and possible debris sticking to your walls can be free in the water. This makes it easier for your pool vacuum or filter to pick up the debris that they other wise couldn’t get to.

Skim & Vacuum the Pool

The first thing that you should start off your pool cleaning routine with is skimming your pool. Skimming your swimming pool of any debris that has fallen in is the first step in ensuring that your pool will stay clean. Leaves, dirt, or bugs that fall into the swimming pool and stay at the surface is what you are trying to keep out of your swimming pool. Once you have skimmed your swimming pool you should brush it. Once you have brushed your swimming pool, don’t forget to turn your automatic pool cleaner on. It will help you vacuum up all the debris and dirt that you missed.

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Contact Premier Pool Service of College Station

Premier Pool Service of College Station can help you will any of your swimming pool maintenance needs. We offer multiple different packages and can assist you will anything you might be having trouble with. Don’t have a swimming pool yet? Our sister company is Premier Pools & Spas. Contact them if you are looking to transform your backyard into the oasis that you have always wanted. Owning a swimming pool is every homeowners dream and can be accomplished with Premier Pools & Spas at your service. Contact us today!

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