When you think about your dream home and swimming pool, it may not be as grand as what Kourtney Kardashian has going on with her sister Khloe but it still brings you the same jump in your stomach. Creating your dream home and your dream swimming pool is something so special. You can take away some amazing inspiration from Kourtney’s dream home and create your own paradise.

Swimming Pool Beauty

swimming pool
Photo courtesy of architecturaldigest.com

You can see Kourtney’s chic pool terrace that has Christian Liaigre chaise longues all around with comfortable perennials fabric. The landscape you are enjoying looking at is done by James Hyatt Studio.

Just imagine the amazing times these sisters have had beside the pool while entertaining their friends and family. Instead of having to go to a resort, they brought the resort pool to themselves. There is plenty to be said about this amazing pool, but the elegance of the pool and surrounding area speaks for itself.

The Swimming Pool Isn’t the Whole View

swimming pool
Photo courtesy of architecturaldigest.com

While the swimming pool is an absolute beauty, you can see here that there are plenty of other attractions when it comes to this dream home.

More Christian Liaigre in Kourtney’s living room. Besides for this amazing designer you can most likely pick out the Schumacher wool and the Larsen leather. To set off the scene you have the shining and lovely piano. The whole room looks like a showcase.

swimming pool
Photo courtesy of architecturaldigest.com

There may or may not be much cooking going on in this kitchen, most likely more time is being spent but the pool, but it is still an amazing sight to see. The lines are beautiful and the decor is calming. The limestone floor is the perfect flooring for this elegant kitchen.

Creating Your Ideal Paradise & Swimming Pool

Just because you don’t have a Kardashian budget, it doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy an amazing environment. While you may not want to demolish your house and start over and do a whole remodeling project, adding a pool can add a whole new vibe to your house and make your home look like a richer place.

Having an inground swimming pool makes your home feel luxurious and you also add the ability to relax by the pool just like Kourtney. If you know how to do the landscaping or can find an expert that will help you with it, you will be able to create a beautiful backyard paradise that your friends and family will love to enjoy with you.

Instead of worrying about going to luxury resorts or spas, you can create your own beautiful resort in your backyard. Speak with a professional that knows how to help you make your vision come to life. It may be less expensive than you think, but you will never know unless you ask the professionals that can help you. Your dreams can become reality faster than you might think.

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