Now that your stunning new inground swimming pool has been installed, you may want to have the surrounding landscape improved to complement it. Though you may contract an expert to handle the landscape job, most property owners prefer to do the landscaping themselves. To stop this from turning into a lengthy project, below is how you finish it in a short time.


Know your goal

Firstly, you must establish the goal that you are seeking to accomplish with your landscaping project. Everybody has different goals; however, it is found that many property owners are searching for something, which improves their privacy level, has a low maintenance and reduces the quantity of dust and debris entering the swimming pool. Pinterest is an awesome resource for inspiration!

landscapeDetermine the landscape design you want

As soon as you know the goal, start working on the design. You can start by sketching the property’s perimeter and outline of your inground swimming pool on a blank sheet of paper. If you find anything that you would like to keep in your existing landscape, ensure you include it to the design. Since you will make many changes to the drawing, it is good to use a pencil.

Soil, plants, and mulch

If you wish to add soil to get good landscape results, you should find a tested topsoil blend having some compost mixed in. You can then mix this with your existing soil. When choosing mulch, find an organic one which is created using pine needles, shredded bark or other products that are locally made. You should stay clear of those produced from recycled tires or tumbled glass, since they will not add nutrients to the soil.

With regards to selecting plants for your landscape, you must know what is most effective and what does not work completely. It is wise to stay clear of spiky/sharp edges like hollies or thorns like Hawthorne. Some great plants around pools are long blooming flowers, shrubs, evergreen tree, ornamental grasses, and the ones that are good for ground cover like ivy.

Preparing the area

Firstly, the area around your inground pool has to be cleaned. Also, remove any rocks in the soil. So as to easily remove any weeds, you need to soak the ground the night before. The following day, start removing any weeds in the soil. If you have purchased new plants, take them out from their containers and loosen up the root system through massage before planting.


Lastly, there are various others things that you need to consider for your landscape, which include adding lighting and potted plants. Potted plants can make the swimming pool area look beautiful and also stop plants from growing too big to look after, while lighting can let you use the pool area in the dark and also guarantee safety for people walking in the yard.

If you are thinking about remodeling the pool landscaping around your inground swimming pool but just have a few days to get the job done, we hope that you have found the above tips beneficial. It is evident that landscaping does not need to be a challenging job; however, it does need to complement your swimming pool and be capable of standing up against exposure to chemicals and water. All the best!

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