If you enjoy hanging out outside in your pool in Salt Lake City, then it’s important that you consider landscaping. Very few have the luxury of having their own pool in their outdoor space; if you do then you should maximize it. Hanging out in your backyard pool can be truly relaxing and a good way to relax. There are lots of landscape ideas around pool you can try to enhance your pool’s beauty.

landscape ideas around pool

Here are landscape ideas around pool to consider for your backyard:

1. Underwater LED pool lighting

Do you want to illuminate the inside of your pool? Think about LED pool lighting. They are available in a range of colors, greatly reduce your energy bill, and provide fast installation.

These types of lights give off a more vivid, brighter, and cooler choice of lighting. This type of pool illumination can conform to the event, whether you are lounging by the pool water, or sitting poolside on a summer night sipping your favorite drink.

Some LED lighting can also change the color that will help set the mood for warm, serene midnight swims, or help you get festive for the holidays.

2. Fireplace lighting

Are you looking for landscape ideas around pool, which is an easier light source for the pool? You will find that nothing is more natural than a fire pit. It’s a dynamic, breathing light source that doubles as a beautiful piece of accent.

It keeps everyone close by warm, lights up your outdoor space, and draws interest. Truly, nothing is better than to warm up a cold night by gathering around a fire? Regardless of what time of a year, a poolside fire pit will add the best ambiance to your backyard oasis.

landscape ideas around pool

3. Stone walkway to the pool

Do you need landscape ideas around pool besides walking over grass? You can make a stone slab walkway. You just need plenty of stones to reach from your door to the pool. And there is truly no limit to how artistic you can get.

For a breath-taking mosaic appearance, you can go for different color slabs, or have a more subtle pathway by matching your pool deck’s tone. Stone slab walkways will allow you to add a touch of rustic stylishness to your outdoor space in only minutes. In addition, they help to keep the water and pool deck cleaner.

4. Rock garden

Do you need landscape ideas around pool? You can make your own personal river rock garden. It is as simple and collecting some bags of river rocks, and then fill up a bed of dirt with them. The major strength of these gardens is the quiet, yet stunning contrast they add to your outdoor space.

Select an area for your rock garden or you can create an accent border of river rocks around deck.

5. Add a few accent plants

You may already have some plants sitting in your outdoor space. So why not add some more to spice up your pool? You do not need to start big with a full garden; a couple of potted plants will work. Choose full sun plants that do not shed lots of leaves. They create the least debris and are low maintenance, like Aloe vera, Live oaks, palm trees, etc.

landscape ideas around pool

Landscape Ideas Around Pool- Hire Premier Pools & Spas!

So if you are unsure where, to begin with, your landscape ideas around pool, contact professionals at Premier Pools & Spas of Salt Lake City today!

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