A backyard is your private retreat where you create memories and celebrate traditions. It is a space that needs to be nurtured and beautified with functional features. Owning a pool is the first step in this direction. But, you also need some easy landscaping ideas that turn your backyard into an awesome space to spend your time. Here, they are:

Install a Fire Pit

backyard fire pit

You can add contrasting elements to your poolscape with a fire pit. It serves as a focal point of your backyard space. In combination with the swimming pool, this is the perfect spot to hang out even in the colder winter month. A fire feature on the deck can also double as an outdoor kitchen when necessary. There are plenty of choices to design a fire pit in your backyard. You can choose natural stones, flagstone, or metallic pit depending on your existing landscaping.

Build a Bridge

Whatever is your pool design, a bridge will add to its beauty. You can create a tropical oasis with this landscaping feature. Whether you have a minimalist pool or a flamboyant one, a bridge is always the right choice. The choice of material includes stone, metal, or wood to build the bridge. This feature can also cover up the unsightly gaps in your backyard landscaping with its imposing structure.

Custom Water Features

A custom water feature like a fountain or a waterfall maximizes the pool area and enhances its aesthetic value. You can design the water features with streams of water falling down a natural rock boulder or add some additional white noise to make the more comforting. With slight imagination and use of natural materials, it will become your private recluse in the midst of your backyard.

Use Potted Plants

Landscaping Esstentials for your Backyard 1

For versatile landscaping, potted plants are the best landscaping option. They are low maintenance and easy to move around. When you have a party on the block, you can simply take them out of the way to make space. Depending on the season, coordinate the colors of blooms in your potted plants. Choose pinks and whites for summers and turn to yellow and scarlet for the fall season.

Climate-Specific Grass

When looking for easy landscaping ideas, consider the ornamental grasses that grow naturally in your region. Ornamental grasses need less maintenance and lesser watering. Do your research about the grass that grows the best in your region. It will save more money on the fertilizing of the grass. For example, fescue and ryegrass grow well in the northeast while Bermuda grass is a viable option in the southeast regions.

LED Lighting

With proper lighting, you can transform the entire appeal and beauty of your backyard. You can adjust it to complement your mood and create an ambiance that you want. Whether you want to use your backyard for nighttime swims, pool parties, or outdoor dining, lighting is an essential element. But, all lighting is not created equally. You need a proper illumination of LED lights and you can add Tiki torches or lanterns for additional impact.

These are some easy landscaping ideas for your backyard in New Orleans.

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