An above ground swimming pool is an amazing addition to your backyard. However, alone and as it, it can be an eyesore. Here are some landscaping ideas that can bring the wow back into your backyard!

Pool Decking

An essential component of any pool is its decking. Like in-ground pools, an above ground pool has several decking options. The basic is a standard resin deck, which would match a typical above ground pool’s look. This is the most affordable decking option. For a pool deck that will stand out, consider using wood. The downside here is that wood decking requires consistent cleaning and maintenance. And, water is an enemy of wood. You will likely replace the deck after every few years. A composite deck is a good alternative. It can mimic the look of wood but without requiring that much maintenance. In fact, you hardly need to maintain a composite deck. It can last a very long time too!

Backyard Flora

Plants and trees are, of course, must-haves in your backyard, especially when you have an above ground pool. The walls of your pool really stand out. Most of the time, they don’t blend in. You can fix this with creatively selected plants. Surround your walls strategically with bushes, with only the steps to your pool visible. Allow enough play and garden space between your fence and the pool. Add trees and flowery plants around the perimeter of your fence. This makes the pool your backyard’s focal point, without it being an eyesore. It looks good. And surely, you and your loved ones will have so much fun using it. Are you all excited about getting your own above ground swimming pool? Talk to Premier Pools and Spas Las Vegas today and let’s build you one!