When you have outdoor space, you can convert it into a lively place with low-maintenance landscaping options. You spend a lot of time crafting the design that reflects your aesthetics and suits your home. After all, there’s nothing more enjoyable than an outdoor space full of lush landscaping. It needs creativity and fine attention to details. And believe us, if it’s low-maintenance, it doesn’t have to be boring. Here are some ideas that you can use.

Choose Natural Stone

raised spas with flagstone

Despite their high costs, stones are versatile landscaping ideas for modern homes. They have a dense composition and incredible durability. Moreover, stones come in a wide array of colors such as grey, brown, blue, or red. Even when you walk barefoot on these natural stones, they feel great and comfortable. You will also consider low-cost options like crushed pea stone or white stone for landscaping in your backyard.

Use Mulch

Unlike grass, mulch requires very less maintenance. When it breaks down, mulch will fertilize the plant and prevent weed growth. You don’t have to water it or mow it for maintenance. Most importantly, mulch adds a pleasant ambiance to landscaping around your pool.

Plant Perennials

If you want low-maintenance landscaping options, choose perennials for your yard. These plants come back every year and you can grow them in any environment. There are some plants that are tough to grow in rocky spaces. But, perennials like yuccas can fill any space with their large leaves.

Choose Pool-Friendly Plants

If you want to create a lush tropical oasis in your backyard, choose pool-friendly grass and plants. Zoysia is a good option to plant between the pavers because it is slow in growth. It requires minimum maintenance. For green foliage, choose plants like Ficus Green Island. You can plant them even near the garden without worrying about leaves or debris getting into the pool.

Go for Xeriscaping

In a xeric landscape, there are plants that thrive with minimal water. However, it doesn’t have to be a colorless collection of cactus. You can choose vivid plants and lush landscaping even in the xeric backyard. Use crushed stones for the planting beds around the outdoor spaces like fireplace and pergola.

Choose Artificial Grass


pool cost

For a dog-proof and kid-proof landscaping, artificial turf is one of the best landscaping options. Synthetic grass not only looks attractive but also offers the look of the real grass. Without watering or mowing, you can enjoy a green lawn throughout the year. Also, synthetic turf can be used even in smaller yards.

Add Natural Water Features

A small self-contained water feature like a rock waterfall looks perfect in every type of backyard. You can add it to your pool for aesthetic and functional purposes. The natural sound of gushing water blocks outside noises and continuous movement will filter the pool water.  You can choose a single waterfall or a series of waterfall on your pool or rock grotto for a natural ambiance.

These are some amazing landscaping options for your New Orleans backyard. Get in touch with professional landscaping architects and pool builders to get started with your project.

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