You might wish to get the most attractive backyard oasis for your Portland home. But if you are new to designing, the plentiful landscaping options seem intimidating. However, the design depends on various factors, including the size and shape of your site. Hence, do your research properly and choose one that suits your style. Here we give you some easy tips that help you make a decision.

Use the Plants Specific to Your Region and Climate

Landscaping Options for Your Portland Backyard Oasis 1

What most people don’t realize is the importance of getting native plants for their backyard. Firstly, you can grow them easily since they adapt and withstand your local climate. Second, you can save more money on their maintenance and fertilizing.

The most important thing is that you can create a surreal backyard design for your Portland pool. The same goes for climate specific grass that grows naturally in your area.

Don’t Underestimate the Beauty of the Humble Stone

Your landscaping options multiply when you plan to use crushed stone beds. The simple stone is a great attraction for your backyard pool when used correctly. You can use pea stone that comes in different shapes and colors to add contrast in your design. Furthermore, you don’t need to replace stone as you do with grass.

Though a bit expensive, choose bluestone, which is very versatile and durable. This natural stone has a dense composition that feels great on your soles when you walk barefoot. Moreover, it complements the cool azure water in your backyard pool. Although its name is bluestone, it is available in many other colors like gray, brown, and, orange.

Add Rows of Potted Plants Along the Poolside

Add flowering plants, shrubs or potted plants as borders for your walkways or by the pool. This keeps their growth limited to their containers and they are easy to maintain. You can even move them around if needed, like when you are entertaining. In addition, they offer a color pop if your backyard becomes too monochromatic or fully blue.

Change the plants according to their blooms; try different colors in different seasons. Instead of spending time on pruning, you can try perennials that bloom all year long. Or, add daisies and lavender near your koi pond; these require less water and repel bugs.

Keep the Purpose of Your Design in Mind

Do you wish to have complete privacy for your backyard pool? Are you looking for an easy-to-maintain backyard? Or, do you host pool parties from time to time? These are some of the questions you need to ask yourself before zeroing in on a design. Hire a professional pool company in Portland that can give you great advice on this.

For instance, you may want to have a deck or outdoor kitchen in your backyard. This will be a low-maintenance addition, but you must invest in good appliances. Conversely, a firepit or an elaborate water feature need regular cleaning and maintenance. Furthermore, you should look into spacious landscaping options which can accommodate those.

Keep Your Backyard Clean and Well-maintained

backyard remodel

Obviously, when there are plants, there will be fallen leaves and debris in the backyard and the pool. However, keep the pool and its surroundings clean to avoid unhygienic situations. Instead of using grass, add turf to your design, which is pet and kid proof.

Other than these, you can make your place environmentally friendly by conserving water. You can attach rain barrels to the downspout and collect water, rather than letting it go into the drain. Keep weed from growing by adding mulch, which is more natural and makes your place smell great.

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