Developing your Temecula backyard can look like a huge project, but creating stunning landscaping designs does not need to be overwhelming. Seeking ways to provide your outdoor space a face-lift? Whether you want an entire revamp of your yard design, landscaping ideas on a budget, or simple backyard landscaping ideas, Premier Pools & Spas for Temecula has some cool landscaping options you can consider.

landscaping options

Here are landscaping options for an appealing backyard oasis that’s great for entertaining:


Concerning your pool and patio space, lighting is important. There’s probably a no better approach to add a warm ambiance to the backyard, particularly if you stay outside till late at night.

Path and landscape lights, low to the ground, are simple yet perfect, but remember hanging choices such as string lights. Always work with an expert electrician when installing lights.

Plantings and pots:

Most of our pool designs feature carefully chosen raised planters with plantings to offer appeal, beauty, and color while not creating debris and dust that can end up in the pool. Plantings can create more privacy, conceal walls and fencing. You’ll find limitless landscaping options to select from! These include neutral and vibrant color, stately and ornate, modern and sleek and square and round. This will allow you to design your space around your personal style. Think about raising some planters off the floor (on a bench, stand or other fixed items) that will create much more visual appeal.

Stylish fence:

A fence offers both privacy and protection, which is particularly beneficial if you have prying neighbors or small kids. Swimming where everybody can see is uncomfortable to some people. You also do not want anybody falling into the swimming pool when there is no lifeguard on duty.

landscaping options

The wall or fence can be both elegant and practical. This will help offer the function you require without sacrificing your Temecula backyard’s design.

Water feature:

You should not limit the water features to the pool alone. Incorporate a fountain or waterfall in your pool’s shallow end. You can even use some of the unused space in your outdoor space that surrounds the pool to add a decorative or fountain spout.


Particularly in Temecula, CA, you require an effective way to get shade from the sun. Structures like partly or covered pavilions, gazebos, patios, and pergolas can all offer a comfy spot. This will help you avoid the sun while enjoying your loved ones swimming. Premier Pools, Temecula pool builders has skilled crews. They will help determine the right solution for your pool, backyard, and property environment. In addition, trees can also create shady spaces near the pool. But remember to stay away from trees that can shed and deposit debris in the pool.

Build a fire:

Nowadays, outdoor fire pits are very popular and it is not difficult to see why. These landscaping options quickly become essential get-together spots in an outdoor space. Having one beside the pool will mean you can spend more time outdoors. Have family and friends over for a dip and once exhaustion sets in, you can bring the party to the outdoor fire pit and roast some s’mores together.

landscaping options

Want to learn more about landscaping options?

Ultimately, your backyard oasis landscaping depends on the shape and size of your Temecula outdoor space as well as your preference and lifestyle. But if you want to more details and landscaping options, please Premier Pools & Spas of Temecula today and we will be glad to help.

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