Lap pools Tucson are mainly constructed and used for health and fitness purposes. A lap pool is narrow and long, and usually rectangular in shape. These pools are the best solution for shallow or narrow residential backyard spaces where the homeowner wants to get a regular workout in the privacy of their own outdoor space. For narrow backyards, they serve as the backyard’s center of interest, particularly when you view from the house.

lap pools Tucson

Design considerations when adding lap pools Tucson:.

When you’re planning or building a lap pool, consider the following:


A lap pool can serve perfectly for your loved ones to meet their working out needs. You can also use your lap pool for maintaining good health rather than going to swim out.

Pool cover:

A pool cover will contain the heat in the pool. It will make your pool more efficient and will cut down the utility bills. Styles of covers include fully automated or thermal blankets.


An important part of the design is the deck area, so consider the materials you want to use such as tile, concrete paving, or wood. The normal area around any pool is 4 – 8 feet in width on all sides. This will allow for easier maintenance, keeping debris out of the pool water, allow easy access, and prevents the backyard from getting waterlogged.

lap pools Tucson


What time of the day will you most likely use your pool? Take this into consideration, since it can impact how you heat your lap pools Tucson. Are you planning on using the pool just in the spring and summer season, or year-round? This will be of importance when constructing a heating unit into lap pools Tucson.

Adding a spa:

If there’s space, think about installing an integrated spa. This will extend your pool’s fun and can help save on space if you want both a pool and a spa in your outdoor space.


Maintaining lap pools Tucson is easy and doesn’t use a lot of money or time. The most common sources of frequent cost are the heating system and the filtration mechanism. So if you use the pool and do preventative maintenance, the maintenance cost will not be pricey.

There are lots of benefits of using lap pools Tucson. Mostly, it’s considered a one-stop solution for all the water workouts. For the aged loved ones, using these pools will keep motion-limiting ailments such as osteoporosis, arthritis, etc in check. So rather than purchasing costly physical therapy classes, choose a lap pool installation.

lap pools Tucson

Ready for Your Own Lap Pools Tucson?

Lap pools Tucson can be a great substitute for gyms. So people who spend lots of money and time in the gym can consider a lap pool. Water treadmills, swimming against the current, and lots of other water workouts can offer fast and better results. Furthermore, on hot summer days, you can simply beat the heat by spending time in your cool and clean workout pool. Get in touch with professionals at Premier Pools & Spas of Tucson and build yourself a lap pool today!

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