While you can do pool installation anytime in Las Vegas, the question is: when is the best time to build a pool in your Las Vegas backyard space? The perfect time of year differs for different people, and it all depends on what is essential to you.

Best Time to Build a Pool

The buying and design planning and your pool’s layout need to start well ahead of time of when you want the construction to start. Actually, you should start getting in touch with pool builders at least 90 days before your expected time of pool installation.

There are countless reasons why you need a pool on your property. Pools are often a center of interest for gatherings. They can help make family reminiscences and are fun as well. During the summer in Las Vegas, temperature ranges can easily reach 100° Fahrenheit. As you can imagine, summers in Las Vegas can be hot, blistering, and uncomfortable.

Why your Las Vegas home needs a pool

Your Las Vegas home can benefit a lot in terms of value thanks to a pool. Las Vegas is located in subtropical, scorching hot desert climate and is also the world’s Entertainment Capital. A property with a solution to cope with the heat in Las Vegas is of great interest to prospective buyers.

Furthermore, a pool that’s strategically installed can also add curb appeal, helping to make your home stand out. When you customize a pool with features such as waterfalls and hardscapes, it can enhance your property’s overall feel and look.

Best Time to Build a Pool

Here’s the best time to build a pool in Las Vegas so to make savings:

A lot of factors can impact a pool’s final installation. But most homeowners often ignore the significance of not only the pool’s selected features but also its installation time. The following are a few of the benefits why cooler Las Vegas months are best to purchase your pool.

Landscaping is easy

Inground pool installation will often need a major change in your outdoor space, temporarily damaging planted foliage and grass. The backyard’s recovery will often require a few months, which could likely take the entire summer. When you install your swimming pool during the chillier months, your pool and your loved ones will be ready for summer time.

Reduced costs

Installation during the cooler months is often easier for builders. This makes the installation less challenging for you and the contractors. For this reason, prices are often meager during the fall and winter duration. Most builders also capitalize on homeowners seeking to install their swimming pools during the summer. They increase prices to earn more profit during periods of higher demand. Since installations are less during fall and winter months, costs are often stabilized. Additionally, the price of equipment, tools and goods required to install your swimming pool, go up annually, which makes winter and fall installation less expensive.

Best Time to Build a Pool

Enjoy a Full Las Vegas Swim Season!

Get ready to take a big jump in with the entire household and start a lifetime of creating poolside reminiscences! Contact the Premier Pools & Spas of Las Vegas pool professionals today to know more about the best time to build a pool of your dreams. We’re committed to excellent customer support, the best quality Las Vegas pool building, and great inground pool designs and choices that match your lifestyle.

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