Pool owners always have pool covers on the mind when the ever predictable fall season comes along. What do you do to make sure your pool stays safe? Simple. Invest in a leaf net pool cover.

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Leaf net pool cover

Leaf net pool covers were created to prevent leaves and debris from falling into your pool. They are made of a tightly knit polyethylene material that will only allow rain to pass through. Leaf net pool covers can be anchored directly to your deck and will last you for many seasons. They can support weight in an emergency, but they must be installed over a safety net. It should also fit the exact size and shape of your pool. Otherwise debris could creep in.

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Will it last?

All leaf net pool covers are made the same way. They are composed of identical poly-carbonate or polyethylene materials and woven very tightly so that nothing falls into the pool. The warranty is based on the manufacturer’s confidence in the product they make. Most of them are limited, covering only the defects in materials. But after the first year, you’ll probably be given a discount off the current retail price of a new cover. Be sure to read the fine print, because damage by wind, natural disaster, or purely neglect are not covered by warranty.

The life and longevity of your leaf net pool cover depends a great deal on the weather, the amount of leaves and debris you have, and how you treat your cover. Are you careful putting it away and bringing it back out? Do you handle it with care?

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How do I know if it is the right leaf net pool cover for me?

Leaf net pool covers are purchased based on the size and shape of your swimming pool. Small covers are relatively easy to use and should only take about five minutes to set up and tear down.

Medium-sized pool covers can be removed and replaced as much as you would like. It will take you close to fifteen minutes for each removal and install.

Large leaf net pool covers can be more complicated because the real use for a large cover should only be to close down your pool for a extended period of time.


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