Preparing a daily exercise routine can be a daunting prospect since everyone has different capabilities and strengths. But practicing a few of these exercises in swimming pools in Las Vegas can help you embrace a wholesome workout. Here are a series of recommendations for swimming enthusiasts who are keen on staying fit.

Getting Started

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If you are looking to stay in shape, then it is advisable to train frequently say three to five times a week. You can get started with 20 minutes sessions to achieve your fitness goals gradually. You may then proceed to workout every alternate day for a minimum of 30 minutes. Being regular with your exercise schedule is a must and this applies to any form of cardiovascular exercise.

Record your Lap Timings and Build Stamina

When swimming always remember to count the number of laps. You should be able to complete a minimum of 15 to 20 laps. If you are able to do more, then consider extending you swim time to upto an hour. This can build up your stamina and you can begin your routine in the comfort of backyard swimming pools in Las Vegas.

A Basic Swim Workout

Here is an outline to a basic training workout for someone who wants to condition themselves to regular training sessions. It will aid in toning your muscles and maintaining their flexibility.


2- 100 meters laps


1 easy lap

1 quick lap

(repeat five times, without stopping to rest if possible: 500 meters)


2 laps- KICKS (100 meters)

1 lap with backstroke

1 freestyle lap

1 lap – breaststroke

1  freestyle lap(200 meters)


Swim down for 2 laps(100 meters)

Total: 1,000 meters

If this seems tedious, consider taking a few swimming lessons to correct your technique before trying the aforementioned steps.

Staying Consistent for Sound Cardiovascular Health

Consistency is the key and this also applies to swimming. Since swimming lets one work on all their body muscles, it is one of the best forms of cardiovascular exercise. It helps in increasing your stamina and keeps the heart pumping. Moreover, due to its low-impact nature, the risk of frequent injuries is also low.  It is also often practised by athletes as a form of physical therapy to cure them of their injuries sustained while attempting other sports.

Try High-Intensity Exercises

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If these workouts are a cake walk for you, then you should extend their duration to challenge yourself. You must also try high intensity pool exercises like ladder sets, pulling and kicking drills, etc. These make your workout in swimming pools in Las Vegas more interesting. You will start to see significant changes in your stamina and flexibility with every passing week and notice your fitness improve.

You will be finally able to swim for at least an hour or upto 3,000 meters (two miles). This should be your aim if you want to never be out of shape. By consistently swimming multiple times in a week and adding other forms of activity in your training program; one can easily meet their fitness goal to lead a healthy life!

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