If you have a pool in your backyard and you want to beautify it, nothing can help you achieve this goal better than LED lights. In fact, these lights add a  character to your swimming pool. Plus, they are ideal for getting your pool ready for a party or late night swim.

Here is another question that may pop up in your mind when it comes to LED lights: what type of LED lights should you opt for your pool? first of all, it’s important to keep in mind that LED lights come in different styles. At Premier Pools & Spas, we use tow brands of LED lights and make sure you can easily customize your pool based on your needs and budget. Let’s find out how you can do that.

fire pitsGet a blueprint of your pool


First of all, you need to get a blueprint of your pool. At times, homeowners have a pool in their property that was built on the design standards of those times. So, make sure you consider the LED lights based on the design of your pool. You can also make necessary changes to your the design of your pool so that the LED lights look great around it.

Check the safety precautions

Your next move is to check the safety precautions and get familiar with the internal structure of your pool. If your swimming pool was made in the 1950s or before, chances are that it can’t meet the requirements of new LED lights. In this case, you may want to get in touch with a pro technician to perform a complete inspection of your pool prior to the installation of the lights.

Pentair Intellibright

pool designs

Now, let’s find out which LEDs can be best for your pool. Pentair designs LEDs that are both energy efficient and bright. Also, the intellibright line features a lot of bulbs of different colors that create different hues. At the touch of a button, they can cycle through various colors.

Since these lights have a unique design, they don’t have the problem of hot spots, the spot where most of the lights from the LEDs hits. So, the light is distributed more evenly. Aside from this, you can set your own color sequence if you want to.


pond liner

Paraglo lights can be adjusted in a way that they can transition between 8 colors. But if you are worried about a quick surge in your energy costs, know that this latest technology uses 90% less power than the halogen lights. Aside from this, the lifespan of LEDs is much longer than the traditional alternatives.

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If you are looking to install new lighting around your swimming pool, we suggest that you give a go to Premier Pools & Spas. Our talented team will try its level best to exceed your expectations so you can have a pool that can really meet your needs.

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