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You’ve designed the perfect pool for your home, and now it’s time to consider the landscaping, surroundings and more. Most people do consider swimming pool lighting when they are working on the design that best fits them, but the traditional thought is to have a boring white light installed to light up your pool in the evening. That’s not the case today.

With the recent prominence of LED lights in virtually every home, there are many options to light your pool and its surroundings, without taking a hit on your energy bills. More cost effective versus fiber optic lights in the short and long run (and much more cost effective than the traditional halogens), there’s no better ‘bang for your buck’ when you want to flood your yard and pool with colorful lighting.

Pool Lighting

You’d Be Amazed at How Much LED Pool Lighting Can Enhance Your Yard Beautifully and Efficiently

LED pool lighting is very flexible, as well. One of our favorite series of lights, the Jandy WaterColors LED Lights, allow you to choose your color (or let them cycle through on their own), and you can even control it from your smartphone. These kinds of lights have a great, wide range to fully light your pool, last for tens of thousands of usage hours, and are incredibly energy efficient.

But LED pool lighting isn’t limited to just underwater lighting. We’ve used them for lighting features like waterfalls, lighting the stream of water from your water jets, and more – think beyond just the water level! And, of course, consider LED for your yard lighting in general. Your yard is one of the best places to entertain, and lighting really enhances your atmosphere in a way that you can’t get with just your pool and landscaping.

Our pool contractors are experts in designing your swimming pool to fit your home perfectly – contact us to ask how we can help enhance your yard and swimming pool with LED pool lighting.

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