Long Island residents want to make sure their pool liners look amazing and that their swimming pool stays clean while on vacation. Choosing swimming pool liners that will stay clean is nearly impossible, at one point or another your swimming pool is going to need a little tender love and care. However, if you’re keeping up with your swimming pool maintenance your swimming pool should stay moderately clean. Lets talk about how you can keep your swimming pool clean, even while you are on vacation.

Long Island Pool Liners: Keep Your Pool Clean While on Vacation 1

Keep your Swimming Pool Clean

If pool liners appear to be unclean, it could make the whole swimming pool look unclean. Even if a pool is clean, pool liners can appear dirty because of stains. There are different patterns of liners you can look into and buy, so make sure to take a look at the different patterns that are available. The liner you choose is going to make your pool look totally different.

Besides for looking amazing, replacing your liner is going to give you a new layer of protection between your pool water and the pool floor. Even if you take good care of your pool, there are things that will happen that will wear down your pool as times goes on. The beating sun evaporating your water and creating chemical imbalances is one of the greatest factors when it comes to vinyl deterioration. There are some beginning signs of deterioration in swimming pool liners that you should look out for. Those signs look like your swimming pool is; cracking, tearing, fading, staining, wrinkling, slipping, or stretching. If you notice any of these signs in your vinyl liner contact your professional pool builder as soon as possible. If any of these damages progress, they could lead to expensive repairs. Premier Pools & Spas of Long Island is happy to inspect your swimming pool for any kind damages that have been done to your swimming pool.

Long Island Pool Liners: Keep Your Pool Clean While on Vacation 2

How to Keep Your Pool Clean During Vacation

If you are going on vacation and keep up with your weekly swimming pool maintenance, you may be worried about your swimming pool staying clean while you are away. You know as well as anyone else that a pool left unattended could result in a longer cleaning process when you return. Here are some things you can do while you are away to ensure your swimming pool stays clean and beautiful.

Fill your pool. If the water level goes down, your pool’s filter is not going to work right. Fill the pool all the way and even higher than you normally would. Make sure to check and adjust your pH level as necessary and then it is time to shock the pool. If you use tablets or sticks, load the chlorine floater right before you leave. Add a dose of swimming pool algaecide before you leave as well. You should backwash or clean the filter and pump as well as any skimmer baskets before you leave.

These are the pool maintenance steps Premier Pools & Spas of Long Island recommends you take before leaving for your vacation. If you are still worried about keeping your swimming pool clean, contact Premier Pool Service to help with weekly maintenance while you are away, or even for further maintenance help.

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