When you are thinking about improving your Long Island home, you may have looked into a vinyl replacement for your pool. If it is old, outdated and beginning to cause your problem, this could be the perfect time to take care of things. Having vinyl replacement done on your pool will allow you to give your pool a facelift that will change the whole look of your yard. In this article, we are going to talk more about fixing your pool up so that it looks as good as you know it could.

vinyl replacement

Vinyl Replacement & Giving Your Pool a Facelift

If you’ve had to name your pool patchy because of all the patches you’ve put on the vinyl, it may be time for a vinyl replacement. Your color might have faded away or you could be noticing wrinkles in the liner which makes it fit improperly. Any of these challenges cause your pool to look old and ugly.

There are many patterns and colors you can choose from when you are doing a vinyl replacement. There is no reason to be bored with the vinyl you put into your pool because you can customize it to what fits your personality. If you plan on selling your home anytime soon, you should pick a design that most people are going to like instead of going for something that is tailored to your personality.

vinyl replacement

What Else Can You Do Besides Vinyl Replacement?

If you want to do more to make your pool look attractive, there are more things you can do besides for a vinyl replacement. You can put on additional features or change the landscaping around your pool. Whatever you decide to do, make sure you have a clear plan before you start your work. You might want to create a mockup of what you are going to do or you may consider drawing it out on a scratchpad. When you do this, you are going to be able to tell if this is what you really want to do.

Additional Pool Features

If you are getting bored with the look of your pool, you can add some different pool features to spice things up. Waterfalls are a great way to make your pool look exotic and fun. These features are no longer limited to the luxury hotels or waterparks. You can have them made for your home so you are able to have fun and enjoy your time without having to travel anywhere to get these amenities.

vinyl replacement


Adding some small trees, plants and flowers around your pool can make your space look even more beautiful. Make sure you don’t plant anything that is going to cause a lot of debris that is going to make its way into the pool. There are many great plants that will provide the pop of color that you need without creating debris that is going to cause you to have to skim more than necessary.

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