If installed properly,  a pond liner can stand the test of time. Most manufacturers offer a 25-year guarantee on rubber pond liners if you install the pond liner above a protective underlay. You can enjoy a lifetime guarantee on an Epalyn or Butyl liner with a diameter of up to 100m2. Bigger liners come with a 25-year-warranty period and are quite sturdy. For instance, in the UK, people often use a 0.75mm Butyl pond liner that lasts more than 40 years without any problem. So, these pond liners are considered one of the best options the market.

pond liner

Basically, pond liners are a waterproof fabric that prevents water seepage into the ground. The quality of pond liners vary. Therefore, it’s better to read terms and conditions prior to buying one.

Types of pond liners

Since pond liners are made from different types of material, their durability, flexibility, and strength vary from one product to another.

pond liners

PVC pond liners: Typically, their thickness is around 0.5mm, and are flexible. But the problem is that they are not tear resistant. Once the PVC is damaged, the product condition will get worse with the passage of time.

Prolonged exposure to the sun may cause the PVC to crack or collapse. Therefore, you need to make sure they are installed and maintained properly. Also, PVC is not easy to repair. As a result, more cracks and leakage occurs over time. For leak prevention, It’s important to protect the product with an underlay liner. The lifespan of a PVC pond liner is 20 years, give or take.

Rubber pond liners: There are two types of rubber liners: Butyl and EPDM (Epalyn). According to pond enthusiasts, the former is one of the best materials. The other material is a bit inexpensive but shares similar characteristics. The lifespan of both is around 30 years. In case of damage like a puncture, they can easily be repaired without spending a lot of money.

Preformed pond liners: These liners are bought in a predetermined shape and size. Since they are non-flexible, their shape and size can’t be changed on site. They are made of rigid plastic or fiberglass, and both types have their own pros and cons. Fiberglass allows the freedom to be installed below or above ground level but costs more.

Rigid plastic liners should be installed underground to prevent breakage. Usually, preformed ponds last up to 10 years. With time, ground movement may cause damage to the installation, which reduces the life of the product. Unlike rigid plastic liners, rubber liners last longer as they offer more flexibility.

pond liners

Can you install a pond liner in the ground?

Positive. However, experts don’t recommend this approach as it may void the warranty on the product. Also, the pond liner may get damaged due to the rough surface. Ideally, an underlay should be used to prevent roots and sharp stones from penetrating the liner.

In short, the lifespan of a flexible rubber or PVC pond liner can be up to 20 years or more. However, the liners should be installed properly above an underlay and fixed in place with the right type of edging material for protection against clawed animals.

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