A pool pump motor serves as the center of the pool filtration system. This motor keeps things moving in the entire system in order to make sure your pool remains clean at all times. But if the pool doesn’t work properly, it will fill your pool with a lot of grim and algae. So, if you want to keep your pool clean, we suggest that follow the tips given below. With this tips, you can protect your pool pump against unnecessary wear and tear. Aside from this, these tips will help you find when it’s the right time to replace the pump.

Rain and Snow

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If your area gets enough rain and snowfall, make sure you cover your pool pump to protect it from the elements. However, the cover should offer enough room for ventilation so that the heat could escape. If the pump motorĀ  has a lot of rust in it, you should probably consider replacing it.

Too Much Demand

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Poor circulation will exert too much pressure on the pool pump motor. As a result, your motor pump may get damaged. If the pressure is not reduced, your pump may have to work a lot harder than it’s designed for, which may reduce it’s lifespanĀ  considerably.

If you experience a reduction in the performance of your pump, chances are that there is too much pressure on the motor. In this case, you might want to opt for a new pump motor.

How to tell if your pool pump motor is bad

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If your pool shows signs, you may consider replacing it.

  • The housing of the pump is broken down or cracked
  • There is a lot of dust on the pump
  • The pump or motor parts are no longer available
  • Your pump is more than 10 years old
  • Maintenance costs are too high
  • You can buy pumps that are much more energy efficient
  • Your pump is made of cast iron or bronze

So, if your pump has any of these signs, you may want to sell it and invest in a new one. This will help you save a lot of money on energy bills. Plus, you can enjoy a better experience with your pool.

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