The decision to build a pool brings a lot of excitement and anticipations. After you pick the best type of pool, shape, size, and design, you would want to start swimming as soon as possible. However, the swimming pool building is a time-consuming process. If you don’t want to wait too long, choose professional pool builders having expertise in completing the projects within stipulated timelines. Yet, you should know how long it will take to build your pool completely. Here is the detailed estimation with break down of various construction phases.

The Phase of Designing

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As per the pool professionals, it should not take more than 7-8 weeks to finalize the design of your pool. With 3D modeling, the process is now much simple than before. You can design a custom pool exactly as per your vision using computer graphics. It gives a better idea of the final outcome. The phase of designing may also include time taken for obtaining various permits. The process of permits can be long drawn out. The experienced pool builders can cut it short with their acquaintances and knowledge of the right procedures.

The Phase of Excavation

If you intend to build an inground pool, it requires excavation in your backyard. The process of digging the ground starts after design and permits. Though it is a quick process, the timing may go up to one week depending on ease of access. If everything goes well, it takes not more than 1-2 days to complete excavation.

The Phase of Plumbing and Electrical Installation

The process of swimming pool building needs installation of plumbing and electrical lines for various systems and equipment. For long-term results, make sure that the process is followed cautiously as per the standards. A lot of things are needed for placement of lightings, water features, pool spas, and pool systems. It may take 1-2 weeks depending on the size of your pool.

The Phase of Installation

If you choose fiberglass or vinyl liner pool, it takes 1-2 weeks for installation. However, the time increases in the case of a gunite pool. It requires plastering and surface finishing after construction. Also, you need to allow some time for gunite to settle and cure. It takes another week for completion.

The Phase of Landscaping and Decking

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It is the final step in the process of swimming pool building. Depending on the custom features and decking you select, the time may vary from 1-4 weeks. On one hand, the pool builder will fill your pool and on the other hand, they will work on the installation of custom features to meet the expected deadlines.

On average, all these phases take 6-10 weeks in total for a swimming pool building. Sometimes, time may increase due to unavoidable factors like inclement weather or difficulties in permits. You should choose the right season to build your pool and rely on an experienced pool builder for its timely completion. The time may also differ from one pool type to another. So, consider all these factors before setting your expectations for pool building.

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