Unlike a full-sized pool, you can install swim spas virtually anywhere. Fix one indoors in your basement, home gym or sun-room. Alternately, placing it outdoors in your backyard or on your deck is also a doable proposition. With their compact size, swim spas occupy very little space. Certain brands even have a provision to dismantle them to gain easy access into tight spaces.

If indoor humidity is a significant concern, do not stress as the water used in swim spas is far less in comparison to large pools. As a result, the usage of chemicals is the bare minimum, and so is the humidity generated. Primarily a machine that enables you to continuously swim against a water current without having to turn around, a swim spa provides the best workout.

Listed here are essential considerations about the installation of swim spas:

Choose the Location Wisely

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Carefully deliberate over the exact location of your swim spa. Bear in mind the need for privacy, a safe distance from overhead cables, easy access for servicing as well as filling and emptying procedures.  In the case of indoor installations, make sure the structure of the building has no adverse impact. When being positioned close to a wall, avoid blocking access to side perimeter lights and plug points. If a cover and cover lifting device are a must, make adequate provisions for them.

Check Mode of Delivery

Transporting the swim spa should not result in any damage to it. Take into account the route taken by the delivery vehicle for this purpose. The type of vehicle used is also critical. It helps decipher whether the swim spa is easy to offload or requires the services of a crane. In case you invest in a more massive model of a swim spa or the access to your location is restricted, a crane lift may be the answer. It is advisable to use spreader bars while lifting swim spas to prevent any imminent damage.

Do Your Groundwork

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Place the swim spa on a leveled, flat, and sturdy surface, enough to withstand the weight of the water-filled gear. If you do not have an existing concrete base, build one. It is advisable to incorporate a steel mesh layer in the concrete, for added support. Always ensure the base is larger than the model of swim spa you wish to install.

Cater for Adequate Power Supply

Single or three-phase electrical supply is required to operate swim spas. Employ a qualified electrician for this purpose as the electrical circuits should never be exposed to moisture. The power control system must be easy to access as they too are inspected during periodic servicing of your swim spa model. For such maintenance checks, each component connected to the swim spa needs complete accessibility.

It is also worth making inquiries beforehand regarding any permission required from local authorities before executing the actual installation. The fact that swim spas combine the best features of a spa and pool and that too at a fraction of the cost makes it a viable alternative.

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