When you are thinking of an Easter egg hunt in Los Angeles, you may not be thinking about an Easter egg hunt in the pool. In this article, we are going to talk more about hunting Easter eggs in the pool and how you can create a fun pool environment.

Easter Egg Hunt Fun & Games

easter egg hunt

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Having a normal Easter egg hunt is one thing, but when you have one in the pool, that adds to the fun. If you want to do an Easter Egg hunt in your pool, make sure you have a plan.

When it comes to having a plan for your Easter egg hunt, you want to plan out how many eggs you are going to put in the pool total. After that, you want to think about how many eggs per hour you are going to put into the pool. With the eggs you use in the pool, these, of course, are not going to be real eggs. You also need to think about the fact that you want to have waterproof prizes in the eggs.

You may also want to separate the age groups if there are a large number of participants because it is going to be difficult for the smaller ones or less experienced swimmers to be able to do the hunting and get to the eggs before the better swimmers get to them.

Having Your Own Pool for Games & Good Times

easter egg hunt

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If you don’t have your own pool and are using a public or club pool or even a friend’s pool, it’s not quite the same as when it is your pool. When you own a pool, you are able to enter it at any time that you want. You are able to make it look any way that you want from the design to the decoration. You can add the features that you want so you can get the function that you need.

If you start thinking seriously about getting your own pool, you should know, pool owners are more likely to go outside and get vitamin D. Besides for that, the level of exercise is also higher because of the fun element pools add to your exercise. Exercising in the pool isn’t only for the elderly and the injured. Pool exercises can help anyone and fit people often use swimming as one of their exercises because of all the muscles it uses at once as well as the fact that it is enjoyable to do.

easter egg hunt

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Easter Egg Hunt In Your Pool

Once you have a pool, you can host your own Easter egg hunt and allow the fun and good times to come to your house. There is something about hosting a pool party and seeing the faces of the participants that is amazingly fun and allow you to enjoy the pool along with all the other people that have come to the event. If you need help getting your pool installed, give us a call and we will be glad to help you.

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