Pirates are not just for Halloween in this household!

Halloween is well on its way and there is no doubt that we will see many individuals dressed up like pirates. In fact, dressing up like a pirate had become exponentially more popular since Disney’s Pirates of the Caribbean came out in theaters sparking a whole new love for pirate themed culture. This pool owner took their love of pirates and pirate culture to a new level, creating a pirate grotto that you just have to see to believe!

A Pirate Paradise

If you thought swim up bars were rare luxury attractions that you only get to enjoy during spring break or on a vacation to the Bahamas, then you might be hanging out with the wrong crowd.

Swim up bars have been making their way into the backyards of many residential swimming pools for years. In fact, you’ll find swim up bars on residential properties today that rival some of the most luxurious swim up bars worldwide. This one (seen below) does NOT disappoint!

HGTV & DIY network
A view of the swim up bar, grotto kitchen and pirate chandelier in this massive 2,500 sq.ft. grotto. Nothing beats a lazy summer day spent keeping cool in a swimming pool. Add a swim-up bar to the mix and you’ve got yourself a recipe for paradise. We see no reason to ever leave. Unless the pirates are on their way!  If you plan to spend your days soaking up the sun from the comfort of a refreshing pool with easy access to tropical beverages and cold brews, a swim up bar is definitely a feature you will want to address with your Premier Pools & Spas designer.
HGTV & DIY network
A view of the suspension bridge leading to the secret tunnel inside the grotto of this Pirate themed pool.
HGTV & DIY network
Inside this grotto the rope and log steps lead to a ledge where one can jump through the waterfall into the pool, and just beyond is the swim up bar and grotto kitchen with the pirate chandelier adds to the theme. Hidden tunnels lead to the restroom and lazy river.
HGTV & DIY network
Check out the swim up bar and kitchen inside the grotto – the pirate chandelier and hand painted faux jail cell that holds all the automation. The grotto is hidden behind an impressive waterfall. If you want to add a tropical or rain forest feel to your swim up bar then you should consider a waterfall. Waterfalls are some of the most common pool water features in pool projects, and for good reason! Our excellent designers at Premier Pools & Spas can help you with any fountain or waterfall design that you want to use to visually enhance your pool.

Interested in Your Own Themed Swimming Pool?

With over 25 years of pool building expertise, we have the knowledge and skills needed to transform what you envision into your ideal backyard. Even if that means building a pool with the theme of a Disneyland ride or your favorite movie!

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