As a relatively small town living under the shadow of Sacramento and San Francisco, Vacaville is well known for its ability to effortlessly blend metropolitan sensibilities with quaint laid back tastes. While summer may be at its end, the pleasure of owning your very own backyard swimming pool is a feeling that has no expiration date.



Here are a few low key swimming pool party ideas that are perfect for summer but also can be utilized in fall, spring, and maybe even winter!

Heat Up With The Grill, Cool Off With The Swimming Pool

Backyards are great for many hobbies, activities, and pastimes. However, quite possibly the two most perfect backyard activities that homeowners in Vacaville can enjoy are taking a dip in their very own swimming pool and having a fun-filled backyard cookout. The quintessential summer experience is being able to have fun with family and friends while also soaking up some sun and playing in the water. Picnics or cookouts at the beach can be a hassle, and now you don’t have to worry about all of that with your very own swimming pool in Vacaville. Simply fire up your trusty backyard grill and get ready to enjoy burgers, hot dogs, steak, shrimp, and even veggie skewers. Then jump into your personal backyard swimming pool (after waiting a bit after eating) and play some fun pool games with your kids.


Ice Cream Pool Party

Summer is all about enjoying the sun and beautiful weather while also finding ways to stay cool, and this is why swimming pools are one of the most popular summer hot spots. If you’re planning to cool off by your very own swimming pool then why not combine that with the refreshing taste of ice cream and other ice cold treats.

Slushies, popsicles, ice cream – you name it! Whatever ice cold dessert you prefer, you can have an entire party dedicated to any one or all of them!

Intimate Vacaville Movie Party

Other Vacaville party ideas are usually centered around being excitable and loud; however, hosting a movie party could be the laid back change of pace that your backyard needs. Simply invite over a few close friends and family members, pop some popcorn, get your hands on a projector, and pick out a movie that everyone will enjoy. Voila – perfect relaxed summer party (unless you picked out a scary movie!)


Private Hawaiian Party

You’ve already got your very own backyard swimming pool and other water features, so why not throw a party that makes full use of them. Transform the calm waters of your backyard swimming pool into your very own private Hawaiian beach – minus that annoying sand that always seems to get everywhere. Just grab a couple flaming tiki torches, some colorful flowers, and put on your best luau playlist. Now you’re ready to party! Pair this with a couple tropical drinks, snacks and throw some food on the grill – perfect private Hawaiian party.


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