Having a backyard pool in your home can add a sense of luxury. In those hot summers, pools offer a spot for relaxation and a relief from the elements. It can be costly to maintain a pool every week. Fortunately, the pool maintenance specialists at Premier Pools & Spas have important tips for pool owners trying to reduce their pool cost without sacrificing summertime fun.

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How to reduce the cost on pool covers

You really should invest in a pool cover. They might not look appealing, but they are an important part of keeping swimming pools clean and reducing service costs.

Pool covers help reduce the amount of foreign objects and debris that falls into the pool. By reducing debris and dirt, you don’t have to vacuum regularly, empty and refill your pool water regularly, or even buy as many cleaners. Pool covers not only minimize the time you may spend in pool maintenance but they also directly reduce operations costs, as well.

Clean your pool hardware regularly

Look after your pool equipment. Cleaning up the pump regularly will prevent the possibility of it becoming clogged. Likewise, don’t leave equipment floating in the pool, or in harsh or direct sunlight. Ensure you clean the equipment after every use to prevent contamination.

A well-maintained pool will be the focal point of your outdoor space. It will also appeal to friends and family while providing a spot for social interaction, relaxation, and fun. Owning a pool needs extra responsibility, but nothing difficult. By simply following the right steps, you can decrease the time, cost, or season-ending repairs.

pool cost

Increase pool safety precautions

Reduce the likelihood of injury by applying these small safety changes to better protect your loved ones, pets, and guests.

Fencing — Some town laws require fencing around your pool. Fence installation around your pool can help prevent young kids and pets from using the pool without supervision. For ultimate protection, install a fence that has a height of 4 to 5 feet.

Pool supervision — Designate someone to keep an eye on pool guests and swimmers during all pool activity. If your kids or their friends are in your yard, you should keep an eye on their activities if they’re close to the pool.

Pool alarms — These can alert pool owners of activity not only on the around the property, but also around the pool. The installation of alarms in your pool and the gates around your pool will help prevent mishaps among young kids. You can install alarms to send notifications and sound to computers, tablets, and phones if an object hits the pool water or a gate opens.

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