If you want to splurge a little when building your pool, consider a few of these luxury pool decking options. Pool decks made from natural stone perfectly complement modern, sophisticated pool settings. Here are five stone options to enhance your poolscape.

luxury pool decking options


Among the more popular materials used to build luxury pool decks, travertine has the reputation of being hard-wearing, porous by nature, and cool to the touch. Since this material absorbs water instantly, the decks made from it are as good as slip-free. Another advantage is that travertine can withstand extreme weather conditions. This material has a luxurious look and comes in shades of ivory, tan, cream, and rust.

luxury pool decking options


This flat-slab in natural earth-toned textures and colors is hardy, slip-resistant, and resistant to heat and moisture. Flagstone is low maintenance and preferred by those who prefer unique patterns, colors and sizes. Durable by nature, this material does not sustain any damage when exposed to outdoor elements, including water. You can create a different rustic looking pool deck using flagstone.

luxury pool decking options


Known for its light brown earthy tones, any wear and tear that occurs over time enhances its rugged personality. Scratches and stains all contribute towards bringing the underlying features of this stone, to the fore. It also has a non-slippery surface and once appropriately sealed, successfully resists water, heat, and wind.


Another durable variety is limestone. It has a nice earthy feel and can tolerate extreme fluctuations in weather. Choose from striking limestone shades available which include tan, grey, blue, pink and brown. These vibrant hues retain their beauty even under constant exposure to the scorching sun. You can cut it into sizes and shapes of your choosing. Limestone is highly delicate and silky in texture.

luxury pool decking options


The natural veining present in marble gives it’s surface a three-dimensional look. This stone is stylishly modern, classy, sleek, and symbolizes luxury. Owing to marble being translucent, your marble pool deck reflects an inner glow and sheen under the sun’s rays. This effect adds to its overall visual appeal on sunny days.

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