Having a private swimming pool to enjoy is indeed a bliss. A pool not only complements your house but is also a valuable asset. How can you make this asset more powerful? By creating luxury designs for your pool. Swimming pool designs are perfect for creating a graphic image of your backyard. Here are some interesting ideas for you to implement.

Mediterranean Style

backyard remodel

Invite luxury into your home by a Mediterranean style pool. Consider using a deep blue Mediterranean border tile in combination with large white tiles. This will help to highlight your pool features very effectively. Use colorful tiles that are hand painted or solid glazed in orange or royal blue. Cobblestones and textures like terra cotta and rustic wood are other attractive features you can consider. Details like fountains, arches, and urns add more beauty to your pool.

Massive Natural Rocks by the Pool

Think outside the box and embrace the cut-stone concept. Use large rocks to decorate your pool. You can even use brick-styled natural stones for walls in your yard. Extend this concept to the patio. Ceramic tile roof, French doors with black trims, and tropical greenery will enhance the beauty of this theme. Create a mesmerizing ambiance by including lights with vibrant colors.  Consider including small waterfalls that fall into your pool through the rocks. Using rocks for pool décor will bring you closer to nature and lets you enjoy a serene atmosphere.

Simple and Elegant

Are you worried about a small backyard? Do you feel that accommodating a pool in your yard is difficult? Building a pool is not limited by space dimensions. Smaller backyards can still include small pools with elegant swimming pool designs. Consider diving your pool into two sections – one part for the kids and the other for adults. Prepare a wooden dock and have some relaxing chairs placed on them. Surround your pool area with ample greenery. This feature will let you breathe fresh air and also enhances the beauty of your pool.

Use Natural Stone Tiles

Natural stone tiles are a unique feature to add to your pool. Consider using turquoise and blue mosaic tiles for a perfect pool setup. You can even have an elevated jacuzzi overflowing into your pool. Swimming pool designs are best complemented by having a perfectly manicured lawn and trees. You can have the grass run up to your pool for a natural effect. Trees can even provide much-needed privacy. Consider creating a lounge area where you can sunbathe and relax.

Advanced Geometry

Lend some new energy into your backyard pool with sizzling geometric designs. Adorn your pool’s deck with ground covers and pavers. Have your lounge covered with stripped outdoor fabric. Consider using a wave-pattern tile border for creating a striking contrast to the Spanish Mediterranean architecture.

Brutalist Design

modern swimming pool designs

The brutalist design incorporates contemporary styles and stays true to the Brutalist architecture. Use brutalist design aesthetic for the main structure in your yard. Your pool will naturally emulate such swimming pool designs. Consider using rough raw concrete for your pool flooring that reflects a typical brutalist style. Keep your pool simple and straightforward by using red and white border tiles. These colors will contrast the rough poolside texture.

Enjoying the poolside is much inspired by excellent pool designs. Luxury designs help to recreate your mood and boost visual appearance. Having such a design in your backyard can transform your yard into an adobe of elegance and beauty.

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