Whether it’s a blizzard or a pool party, your patio furniture takes a beating in many ways. You need to care for it with proper cleaning and maintenance. With timely patio furniture maintenance, you can make it last for years. Though most of the fabrics and materials can withstand outdoor elements, proper cleaning can go a long way to make them resistant to decay. Here’s how you can maintain your patio furniture:

Aluminum Furniture

Pool patio furniture

Due to its lightweight and low-maintenance needs, aluminum is a popular choice for patio furniture. It goes well with the minimalist style of outdoor décor. You don’t need harsh chemicals or pressure washing to clean aluminum. Mild soap and subtle rinsing are enough to remove the dirt and grime. However, if your aluminum patio furniture has calcium buildups, you may need white vinegar and water to remove it completely.

Wrought Iron Furniture

The durability and longevity of wrought iron make it a good choice for patio furniture. This metal needs minimum care and maintenance. A gentle rinsing or wiping with a damp cloth is sufficient to clean it up. For soiled wrought iron furniture, use mild soap. There’s no need for pressure washing or harsh chemical-based detergents to clean it. To avoid corrosion, apply naval jelly or paste wax on the surface for furniture. The solution acts as a shield between the metal and moisture that it faces. The paint finish on your wrought iron furniture should be smooth to resist rust.

Teak Furniture

The lumbers used for outdoor furniture often resist decay naturally. For this reason, people mostly choose teak because it rocks the weathered look with ease. Despite its resistance to elements, you should care for dirt and damage to your teak furniture. You can gently rinse it and apply Penofin oil occasionally for a darker shine. After rinsing away the suds, allow the furniture to dry off completely.

Wicker Furniture

How to Maintain your Patio Furniture? 1

The pliable weave of wicker furniture is made from rattan, coated paper, or split reed. It may be reinforced with metal and coated with clear varnish for resistance to elements. Wicker adds a chic and cozy style to your patio. You can use a dry paintbrush to whisk away light dust from wicker. Also, you can rinse it with a hose, vacuum it, or pressure-wash this furniture at a low setting. If your wicker furniture is not weather-resistant, apply a paste wax after cleaning it. Avoid using too much water when washing wicker because it weakens the fibers. For any peeling paint, sand it lightly with a fine-grit sandpaper.

Fabrics on Furniture

For added comfort, throw up cushions and pillows on your backyard furniture. Here, you should choose the fabric of furniture wisely. Mostly, outdoor cushions are made of weather-resistant fabrics like canvas or acrylic. These performance fabrics are designed to resist moisture, mildew, stains, and sun damage. They are lesser prone to fading and you can use aggressive cleansers to wash them. For light dirt buildup, you can scrub the cushions with mild soap and rinse them off. However, for heavy soiling, you need to remove them and toss them up in the washer.

These are some tips for patio furniture maintenance depending on the type of materials.

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