Fiberglass is fast becoming the choice of pool material of homeowners across the Portland / Vancouver area. Your loved ones will fall in love with the low-maintenance, durability, and beauty of a new fiberglass spa pool from Premier Pools & Spas of Portland. From the fiberglass pool’s initial design to final construction, we’ll provide you with a high-quality pool that your loved ones deserve. Our pool professionals are glad to share their knowledge to help you select the best size, shape, and color for your outdoor space.

fiberglass spa pool

These pools are created in one, ready-to-install piece, making them easier to maintain and clean. This pool’s non-porous gel-coat surface also needs less regular cleanup in comparison to other types of pools. Basic maintenance of a fiberglass spa pool includes cleanup and proper maintenance of water levels, surfaces and water chemistry.

Fiberglass spa pool cleaning

The proper way to clean a fiberglass spa pool is just like any inground swimming pool, which includes frequent vacuuming, skimming, and brushing. But the smooth, gel-coat surface needs much less brushing and entire cleaning, done with a gentler touch.

  • Don’t use abrasive or harsh cleansers, which can damage the gel-coat and possibly disrupt the balance of your pool water.
  • Use a skimming net attached to a telescoping pole to scoop out debris and leaves.
  • To make sure you don’t scratch the surface, use nylon bristled brushes.
  • Remove weightier deposits of debris and dirt using a pool vacuum ideal for fiberglass pools.

Testing and maintaining your fiberglass spa pool

Pool water testing and maintenance is the most essential part of maintaining your fiberglass spa pool. Always balance your pool water chemistry to ensure equipment longevity and swimmer safety by:

  • Monthly testing for metals, cyanuric acid, and calcium hardness.
  • Using a great test kit for frequent testing of total alkalinity, pH, and sanitizer levels.

fiberglass spa pool

Bring a sample of pool water into a pool expert for complete water testing when you open the pool, during the pool season and before closing the pool. Apart from frequent testing, bring in a sample of your pool water whenever you have a water problem you cannot solve on your own.

Maintain water level

For the best running, keep the water level of your backyard oasis in the middle of the skimmer plate. If your pool water is very low, it can result in your pool pump losing to prime and incurring damage. Alternately, excessive a pool water level will reduce the effectiveness of your skimmer. You should not drain your fiberglass spa pool without expert help. Because of ground pressure, many fiberglass pools might experience damage when you drain without taking the right measures. This can include cracking, bulging or buckling in the floor or walls.

Maintaining the surface

In addition to cleaning the pool water, you should also clean up the surface. It is usual for any backyard to have a ring around the pool wall. This is due to suntan lotions, body oils, and other pollutants. You can use a soft rag or sponge and a non-abrasive cleaner to remove from fiberglass surfaces.

fiberglass spa pool

Fiberglass Spa pool – Conclusion

You can relax knowing that when you hire Premier Pools & Spas of Portland to install a fiberglass spa pool, that you’re getting the finest quality. Do you have questions or want to get an estimate on building a pool? Call us today!

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