Having a pool service company keep your swimming pool clean is something that can be very useful, especially if you and your family get very busy. As a pool owner there are certain things that you can do to help make our pool service technicians jobs easier. We will be the ones handling all the pool maintenance needs, but ensuring that the yard is kept clear and accessible is something that we greatly appreciate. Keep reading to learn what maintenance to keep up with in between professional pool cleaning appointments.

inground swimming pool costProfessional Pool Cleaning Tips

While we will handle all of the professional pool cleaning, you, as a pool owner, can help keep the pool area clean. Skimming is very important to the pool maintenance process, so please be sure to at least skim your swimming pool once or twice a week when we’re not there. Removing all the debris and pool toys from your swimming pool is important. Pool toys can get caught in the skimmer baskets, and that can cause the filtering process to not work properly. Removing debris from your swimming pool is important because these are contaminates that can make your swimming pool become dirty.

Clearing any loose debris from around your swimming pool can also help keep your swimming pool clean because those contaminates will not have the chance to dirty up your swimming pool. Small things like leaves, twigs, and branches are important to keep clear of your swimming pool. If you do have trees or shrubs that shed their leaves be sure to skim your swimming pool often to ensure that it doesn’t get dirty.

If you are not already a customer with Premier Pool Service it is important to keep up with the proper balancing of chemicals in your swimming pool. This is something that Premier Pool Service of Roseville can handle for you, during our weekly maintenance routine. Properly balancing the chemicals in your swimming pool water is a perfect way to ensure that your swimming pool will stay clean. You can easily purchase a pH testing kit at your local pool supply store and test your pool water will it. Along with the testing kit you will need the pool chemicals that your swimming pool needs to be properly balanced. These are just a few professional pool cleaning tips to help your keep your swimming pool clean. Relax and contact Premier Pool Service of Roseville for all your pool maintenance needs to be fulfilled.

inground pool factsContact Premier Pool Service of Roseville

Premier Pool Service of Roseville can help you will any of your swimming pool maintenance needs. We offer multiple different packages and can assist you will anything you might be having trouble with. Don’t have a swimming pool yet? Our sister company is Premier Pools & Spas. Contact them if you are looking to transform your backyard into the oasis that you have always wanted. Owning a swimming pool is every homeowners dream and can be accomplished with Premier Pools & Spas at your service. Contact us today!

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