When you’re considering a small pool installation, the success lies in the overall design, proportion, and position within your Souderton backyard space. It can be a costly and difficult exercise getting it right if it does not go according to plan. So it is important that you hire the best expert design team at Premier Pools, Souderton pool builders before making a commitment.

Small Pool

If you’re considering a small pool installation, here are some things you need to consider:

  • Your pool’s form needs to compliment your home. If the space is narrow and long for instance, you can get greater flexibility by installing a small square swimming pool placed between the boundary.
  • Take into account your backyard’s aspect. A small pool in full shade might feel unappealing and a one directly in full sun might need shade.
  • If you need a spot for daybeds or seating near your pool, ensure there’s ample space for people to maneuver without falling in.
  • A pool needs to be the proper size that it fits well in the proportions of the area instead of dominating it.

Socializing area

Downscaling does not mean giving up what is essential. Not only does a small pool offer space for your loved ones to play, but you also still get the elements that allow you to spend time and unwind with family and friends. Tanning ledges and bench seats allow you to enjoy the pool water and not have to actively swim or stand.

Small Pool

More space

One of the main advantages you’ll find with a small pool is having more space in your outdoor space, while still enjoying the benefits of a swimming pool. It is simple to swim and enjoy with your loved ones in a small pool. When you get out of the pool, you still get a good deal of your yard to enjoy too. You can add a large garden, a grass lawn, an outdoor kitchen. When you select a small pool, like a swim spa, then you don’t need to worry about occupying a lot of room in your outdoor space.

Some might wonder, why would you select a small pool? Smaller swimming pool sizes meet the needs of most homes.

  • Homeowners want an affordable swimming pool choice
  • Homeowners just want to unwind in their swimming pool and do not require a big swimming pool for playing in
  • Somebody may have a big outdoor space, but would like to preserve the backyard and have a swimming pool that does not occupy space
  • Someone may have an outdoor space too small for a traditionally-sized swimming pool

Small Pool

Hire Premier Pools & Spas to install your small pool!

A small pool is a difficult design project. If you wish to install one, make sure you talk to somebody with lots of design expertise. They will help ensure the swimming pool makes your outdoor space much better. Premier Pools & Spas of Souderton has many years of revolutionary design expertise. We’ll be able to offer a free consultation and ensure that your new small pool in Souderton fulfills all your desires for an outdoor space water experience. Contact us today to get a free pool quote!

Interested in Your Own Unique Small Pool?

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