Create an Indian Rocks Beach backyard oasis that expands backyard space that can be filled with eye-catching centerpieces and features that make the space solely yours. With all the great ideas flowing in your head you realize your yard is too small. However, you can still create a backyard oasis that satisfies your need for spaciousness!

The truth is, any backyard—no matter how small—can look larger than it is. Having a small backyard shouldn’t stop you from creating the backyard oasis of your dreams. Premier Pools and Spas of St. Petersburg recommends these top ideas on how you can make your Indian Rocks Beach backyard appear bigger.

Make your Indian Rocks Beach Backyard Appear Bigger! 1

Divide It Up

While it seems contradictory to divide up an already-small yard, well-defined spaces will actually make it seem bigger. Create a grilling space with angled pavers, use a sheer waterfall to separate the play section, or create an outdoor living space with an herb-covered garden wall. The more unique spaces you have, the bigger your yard will appear.

Think Outside of the Box

A typical backyard patio or deck is a designed into a square or rectangular shape, but when one is trying to make their Indian Rocks Beach backyard appear bigger, we suggest a diagonal approach. Angled lines tricks ones eye into thinking there’s more space than there actually is. Having a diagonal shaped patio will make your backyard appear larger.

Make your Indian Rocks Beach Backyard Appear Bigger! 2

Take the Long Way

Designing a pathway that wraps around trees and focal points of your backyard instead of just having a straight path is another way to deceive ones eye, and makes your backyard seem elongated.

Provide a Luxurious Entrance

Having an pergola or trellis covered in greenery can make your small space appear larger. These particular features, placed at the entrance, trick the eye into believing that there is more space than there actually is because this feature acts as a “door” to your beautiful Indian Rocks Beach backyard.

Use Color Carefully

Another way to deceive the eye and make things appear larger is to use bright colors around the perimeter of your yard. This method is used to make the rest of the backyard recede. For example, if you plan to use a trellis as the entrance, get more from it by planting tall, colorful plants in front of it.

Make your Indian Rocks Beach Backyard Appear Bigger! 3

Add in Water Features

Having a backyard oasis means you have to have a luxurious focal point, and if you’re trying to make your backyard look bigger, you should place it at the back of the yard. Premier Pools & Spas of St. Petersburg recommends installing a spool into the back of your Indian Rocks Beach backyard. A small pool is the perfect water feature to make the focal point of your backyard.

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