Looking to make your Salt Lake City backyard fascinating and appealing? After you’ve got a stunning pool built in your outdoor space for your whole family to enjoy, there’s only space to update from there. Whether your inspiration came from a neighbor who had an addition lately built for their backyard oasis or from some magazine photos you saw, you’ve come to the right place. Our team at Premier Pools & Spas of Salt Lake City is very knowledgeable at installing swimming pool features.

Salt Lake City Backyard

Here are some features you can add to your Salt Lake City Backyard.

1. Rock features:

You can create a dramatic effect to your pool design and backyard by incorporating manmade or natural rock. From defining a waterfall to dramatic boulders flanking a swimming pool to simple pebble work in a deck or wall, the usage of rocks will help to create the sort of tranquil and spectacular ambiance you would find in nature. Choices for adding rock into your pool design are limitless.

2. Fencing & slides:

By incorporating an appealing fence to your poolscape you can enhance security by assisting to stop strangers from entering the area. Slides are an entertaining feature to add to any Salt Lake City Backyard. This feature can be as elaborate or as simple as you want. The slide can be a tall, twisty slide, a short, straight slide or anything in between.

3. Add water features:

You can get help from a professional at Premier Pools, Salt Lake City pool builders to install pools, some fountains and other water features in your outdoor space.

Salt Lake City Backyard

4. Place backyard arts:

Choose some appealing and unique backyard arts like garden statues and bird baths to make your Salt Lake City Backyard a real vacation spot. When adding backyard arts ensure it fits your home outdoor. Lastly, incorporate some seating arrangements for your friends and family.

5. Add fire pits & fireplaces:

To ensure you stay warm during the cold months or late night swims, you can add some beautiful fire pits or fireplaces in your outdoor space. Incorporating fireplaces is one of the most effective ways to improve the stylish look of your Salt Lake City backyard.

6. Lighting:

This can add a new dimension to your poolscape. Use fiber optics to outline your poolscape and program the lights to remain a constant color or change colors. The choices are mind-blowing!

7. Adjacent Spa:

A lot of people enjoy having a spa right next to their pool as a relaxation spot. As the weather becomes a bit cooler, a spa is also a good spot to warm up a bit after swimming in your cooler oasis. This feature can be adjacent to the swimming pool, letting swimmers move from one to the other fast. You might also find that you prefer having the swimming pool and your spa set apart by several feet, which gives each area its own space.

These are just a few easy ways to turn your Salt Lake City backyard into an evergreen vacation spot. If you’re not able to do all these tasks because of your busy schedules, hire our professionals to look after the whole process.

Salt Lake City Backyard

Ready for Your Own Stunning Backyard?

We want to assist you to customize your Salt Lake City backyard in such a way that will make it suit your preferences and needs. Some of our specialties include custom inground swimming pools and features. Contact us today to know more!

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