Add these Three Water Features to Your Fortuna Hills Pool

Water features can provide different types of qualities to your swimming pool. They can provide a relaxing element to your backyard oasis. Just imagine the soothing sound of water flowing down rocks on your swimming pool. Water Features can also apply simplicity to your swimming pool design. Premier Pools and Spas of Yuma is going to recommend these top three features to add into your swimming pool design.

Make your Pool Stand out with Water Features 1


  • Waterfalls

This is the classic feature that you will see in almost every single swimming pool. This is the most popular water feature, hands down. Homeowners love the sound of trickling water flowing right into their swimming pool. Waterfalls provide such a soothing sound, and when incorporated correctly in the pool design they can be beautiful to look at. Another reason adding a waterfall to your swimming pool is a good idea is because there are various types of waterfalls to choose from. You can have a waterfall wall incorporated into your swimming pool design, a sheer waterfall, or even a simple waterfall that flows right off the top of your grotto.

Make your Pool Stand out with Water Features 2

  • Slides/Grottos

These next water features are perfect for big families, or families that have kids and friends over a lot. I mean who doesn’t love sliding down into a swimming pool? Having slides incorporated into your swimming pool will add such as fun element to your backyard. The kids will want to be home and playing in the backyard all the time with a swimming pool that looks that fun. Another water feature that you can add to your swimming pool is a grotto. A grotto is like a cave that is incorporated into your swimming pool design. Having a cave that you can swim into gives your backyard that perfect oasis feel. A tall grotto can also provide a jumping point for kids and family to enjoy.

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  • Spas

A spa is the ultimate relaxing point of your entire backyard. Attach your spa to your inground swimming pool! These two features meshed together make the whole backyard complete. Imagine coming home after a hard days of work and unwinding in a nice warm spa. These are the perfect water features to relax in and provide a relaxing feel to the whole backyard.

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