Relaxing in the pool during Dallas summers can make the season feel like bliss. However not very many people have a pool ready to be splash in the backyard. Backyards these days are designed according to a myriad of pool ideas. If you’re ready for a creative design outlook on your pool, you might find the unique pool designs below worth considering!

pool lighting

Install Underwater Lighting

Underwater pool lighting adds more light to the pool space. It makes the pool look more appealing and increases its fascination with a ten-fold. You can either install fluorescent lighting or opt for multicolored lights which can be controlled with a timer. It is especially mesmerizing at nightfall. Lighting the pool gives the backyard a grand look and makes the pool appear to have a greater depth.

A Fish Tank

Building an inground pool can be a tedious job, whereas an above ground pool is comparatively easier to build. A fish tank pool has inventiveness in abundance and you can let the ideas flow in on this one. Decorate it like you would decorate any fish tank by using plants, rocks or both. Be the fish in your creatively inclined pool-tank!

Making Your Dallas Backyard Pop with a Unique Design 1

A Uniquely Shaped Pool

There are many unique pool designs for even a small backyard. The old rectangle and kidney-shaped pools have taken a backseat and many choose pools that suit modish tastes and moods. For example, people with a passion for music and instruments are opting for a violin-shaped pool, pooling in their passion quite literally. You can choose the shape that’s straight out of your heart. Perhaps a heart-shaped pool!

Create a Tropical Vibe

Bring the Bahamas to your own backyard. Get creative and give your pool a tropical theme. Fashion an oasis of your own by installing umbrellas for some shade on summer days. Use tiki torches to get rid of insects and feel the vacation vibe for as long as you want in your own tropic-themed backyard!

Compact Yards Need an Accommodating Inground Pool

Inground pools perfectly fit in a small backyard. Considering the size and shape of the yard, long and narrow styles can be opted for. These can give the pool the feel of a lazy river. The length and width of the pool can be customized and tailored according to the backyard. You can enjoy an ample amount of space to swim laps without compromising on the design of the backyard.

diving rock features

Rock Installations

Rocks make an impression of their own, making them excellent for pool décor. There are a lot of varieties you can choose from, be it natural or artificial rocks that can become an attraction in the pool. You can fabricate a stone wall, build a rock wall or set up a waterfall to give it a natural effect. Limestone or grey rocks shall make a stunning impression on everyone who views your pool.

These unique pool designs can make it look more attractive and give the backyard a small yet gorgeous renovation!