Your grass might be green, but is your New Orleans pool eco-friendly? Perhaps not; but you can work with the best Premier Pools & Spas pool builders to implement improvements and updates. This will offer eco-friendly benefits as well as cost savings. Whether you are in search of cost savings as it relates to heating and electricity usage, or decreased water consumption advantages, there are things you should put into practice to achieve it.

New Orleans Pool

Eco-friendly pool

This is a type of swimming pool that doesn’t affect the environment by using harsh chemicals. An eco-friendly pool can also refer to a swimming pool that makes use of a smaller amount of electricity to run. A pool system that’s eco-friendly and will help you make savings, help you with the utility bills, and won’t negatively affect the environment is an eco-friendly swimming pool.

Here are some eco-friendly New Orleans pool tips to integrate into a renovating or construction project:

Reduce the chlorine

Nowadays, there is a lot of buzz when it comes to natural pools, which sanitize water using plants instead of chemicals. You’ll also find alternative methods of sanitation such as ozone and salt water systems. These systems eliminate or minimize the necessity for standard chlorine. However, the most typical step is to be diligent about maintaining your New Orleans pool clean. This will minimize the need for extra use of chemicals.

Add a timer to the pool pumps

Many circulation pool pumps are running regularly than they should. This uses up unneeded power and costs you a lot than it’s worth. You should run the pool pump for 6 hours each day. This should be enough provided that your pool pump is sized appropriately to the volume of your New Orleans pool.

New Orleans Pool

But it can be a hassle turning the pump on and off every day. This either causes your pool’s circulation to suffer, or your pool pump running needlessly. The best way to ensure the pool water gets filtered on a regular basis without unnecessary consuming energy is by adding an automatic time clock to the pool pump system.

Pool covers

Installing one can play a huge role in becoming eco-friendly. With the help of a pool cover, you will minimize the volume of water used to top up the New Orleans pool.

Not only do pool covers reduce water evaporation, reduce the overall consumption of water, but they can also help maintain temperature. This will help you minimize the amount of energy that is used to heat your New Orleans pool.

Pools enclosures

If you are looking for eco-friendliness, privacy, and comfort, you should consider a pool enclosure. Having your New Orleans pool fully or partly enclosed will offer privacy and shade. It will also keep the ground around the swimming pool from becoming very hot.

Keep your pool warmer and cleaner with a pool enclosure, and reduce water evaporation. You will be able to fill, heat, and clean your New Orleans pool less often. You can also turn your backyard pool into an oasis that is swimmable year-round, or extend your swimming time thanks to a pool cover.

New Orleans Pool

Ready for an Eco-friendly pool?

The above are some of the ways that can help make your New Orleans pool more eco-friendly. Are you looking for help with pool maintenance? Turn to the experts at Premier Pools & Spas of New Orleans. Get in touch with us to find out more today!

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