Maria Piera Santoro/Zaccagnino Shared Their Premier Pools Story 1

Customer Name: Maria Piera Santoro/Zaccagnino
Location: Kennesaw, Georgia
Date: 06/05/2018

Pool Designer: Scott Walk

How Has Owning a Pool Changed Your Family’s Life?
Owning a pool is absolutely great, the kids spend lots of time in the pool which allows them to bond. The pool also, allows us to spend quality family time together. Finally, it allows us the opportunity to create many memories with family and friends. It forces us to relax and unwind after busy days and long weeks.

Where Did Premier Pools & Spas Meet or Exceed Your Expectations?
Premier Pool & Spas met and exceeded expectation in the quality of the work done. They could use improvement in communication but overall they did a great job. I am still waiting to resolve an issue that occurred during construction of last year but I am certain that Mr. Scott Walk will come to resolve it. The reputation of PPS quality customer service will prevail.