If you have an inground pool by Marin or any other manufacturer, you may be experiencing different problems and looking for solutions. One of the things that you may have been thinking about is whether or not you should get a salt water generator for your inground pool.

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Whether or Not to Get a Salt Water Generator for Your Inground Pool

Many times people have heard rumors that getting a salt water generator for their pool is going to make it high maintenance, cause problems with their pool lining and more. The truth is that these are rumors and most people are not educated on salt water in pools and why it can be a good idea for you and your pool.

One thing you should know is that having a salt water inground pool is just about the same as having a chlorine pool. How? Because a saltwater generator converts salt into chlorine electronically. This keeps your pool clean. One of the differences is that your chlorine level in a salt water pool is going to be lower. This makes things so much better for your skin when you are using your inground pool.

inground pool

Some people point out that having a saltwater inground pool is going to be more expensive than having a chlorine pool. The truth is that it costs about the same when you look at the numbers so that cannot be the deciding factor for you.

Another point people make is that saltwater is going to hurt their eyes. This isn’t necessarily true. Do not think of how it is when you are swimming in the ocean. There is only about 1/10 of the level of salt than what the ocean has. And as for the one about the water tasting funny, I guess it would but I’m not really in the habit of drinking pool water.

Having Your Own Inground Pool

inground pool

After you are finished going back and forth over you want salt or chlorine, you are going to make a decision and that will lead you to be a proud pool owner. It doesn’t matter which one you choose because pools are amazing and allow you to have a great time of recreation of fun with your family and friends. There is no reason to stop yourself from having an amazing time because of indecision. Figure out what type of pool you want and get it together. You’ll be glad that you did.

Imagine yourself setting up shop beside your pool. Lounge chair and favorite umbrella drink right outside the back of your home. It’s your own island getaway right in your backyard. You can do whatever you want these days when it comes to pool design so make sure you speak to the experts that are going to be able to help you create the amazing place that you see in your mind. It might just be easier than you had thought.

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