A new pool is a great addition to your backyard in Marin. When you decide to install a new pool, you’ll have a variety of inground pool designs to pick from. With the help of the best Premier Pools, Marin pool builders, homeowners can create Marin pools that are the right shape and size for their property and landscaping.

Marin Pools

The best Premier Pools & Spas professionals will work closely with you to add custom pool features, which will turn your outdoor space into a watery oasis. You need to take into consideration your pool’s shape to maximize your pool design.

Here are some pool shapes you can consider for your Marin pools:

Negative edge pool

These pools are becoming more popular and need a professional to construct. Negative edge pools are also known as infinity edge pools or infinity pools. They are made to appear like the swimming pool is extending all the way out to the horizon.

Freeform pool

With this type of installation, you can incorporate into your pool design some inspiration and natural elements. A freeform pool is able to follow your preferred design or shape. Usually, freeform pools feature rounded edges, and the shape is not symmetrical. When you design this type of pool on your Marin property, you can decide to accentuate natural features, like hardscaping, palm trees, and more.

Marin Pools

Lazy L-shaped pool

Swimmers can make the most of the longer section for laps. The shorter area “l” shape acts as a natural entrance to the pool while offering more aesthetic appeal.

Rectangular pool

A rectangular pool is a popular and easiest type of swimming pool on the market. Most pool liners are designed for a traditional rectangular shape, letting you choose from a range of liner colors and options. These pools make it easy for you to swim laps, and can be a good thing for families with small kids.

Geometric shape

The “L” shape is one of the classic geometric shapes for a swimming pool. This provides you with a clear straightaway for swimming laps etc. The design also provides you with a side part for a hot tub or a swim up bar feature. With the L shape, your guests have the chance to diverge into a separate area if necessary, which encourages a more private setting. It can even be a more relaxing area for you to hang out while the children occupy the main area of the swimming pool.

Kidney shaped

These pools feature rounded edges that complement some forms of architectural designs better than the straight edged types. That’s why many homeowners get this shape instead for their Marin pools. This type of shape can also have a more natural feel and can increase your pool’s aesthetics.

Marin Pools

Marin Pools – What Pool Design Suits You?

Do you need help choosing a design? Premier Pools & Spas of Marin is here to assist with your pool design needs. Our professionals will recommend a shape for your backyard and how to best match your landscape. All you have to do is call us today to bring your dream pool to a reality.

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