Spending time by in a swimming pool is the best way to past time In Pensacola when those hot summer days seem to go drag on forever. For most hobbyist swimmers playing a simple game of Marco Polo or taking laps around the pool can become tiring. So why not add a bit more excitement to your backyard swimming pool adventures this summer? These amazing swimming pool accessories and products will reinvent the way you have fun in your swimming pool. Take a look!

Pensacola Pool Accessories: Floating Golf Pool Game

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If you do not have the resources or space to build you own miniature golf course in your Pensacola home then this Floating Golf Pool Game (available at Urban Outfitters) will make a great alternative for only $46. It promises a great experience for all golf enthusiasts who enjoy spending time by their pool. Features include floating golf balls, a flagpole, and a deck mat that is made from synthetic grass and foam.

Pensacola Pool Accessories: Aqua Rocker


This Aqua Rocker is spacious enough to accommodate both you and your children. You can use it as a rocking chair or simply just climb aboard and relax. For kids with a wide imagination, they could be sailing the open seas with Captain Jack Sparrow on the hunt for lost treasures in the Caribbean.  This fun swimming pool accessory could be yours! It’s available on Amazon for just $50.

Pensacola Pool Accessories: Inflatable Pool Volleyball


Take the action off the court and into the pool during hot summer days in Pensacola with this Inflatable Pool Volleyball. It features a waterproof volleyball and sturdy 95-inch by 24-inch net posts that won’t go tumbling down even if the game gets a little rough. So by all means get competitive and put on your best gold medal-winning performance. This fun accessory is available at ToySplash.com for just $12.

Pensacola Pool Accessories: WaterWalkerz Balls


WaterWalkerz Balls are swimming pool accessories that are perfect for fun and fitness. Basically they are inflatable hamster wheels that will allow you to stay afloat in your swimming pool. First you’ll climb into the ball after which it should be filled with air and pushed around the pool. It’s generally more fun if there’s more than one WaterWalkerz ball colliding and is the perfect way to enjoy your Pensacola pool, if you’re not really a fan of getting wet. These balls are available in a number of colours and sizes for different members of the family but are a bit pricey, starting at $700 per ball.

Pensacola Pool Accessories: AquaClimb


Here’s a great solution that will help your kids forget about that slide you promised to install in the backyard pool. The AquaClimb is a safe way to keep your kids active during the summer while introducing them to a newer and exciting way to enjoy climbing to higher heights.  The AquaClimb can be installed easily into your pool area and can also be customized to ensure that it blends perfectly with your outdoor space. Contact AquaClimb at 1-800-956-6692 with any purchasing related questions.

There are a number of other swim accessories that you can consider purchasing this summer. The choice is yours. Whether you get the Inflatable Pool Volleyball or the AquaClimb, once you’re surrounded by family and friends then there’s no reason why this shouldn’t be a memorable summer.