Mid Summer Nights fun usually brings with it recollections of time spent by the swimming pool, evenings at the movies, and fantastic backyard barbecues with family, neighbors and friends.  How about merging all three into a poolside movie night party with those you love?

Below are a few tips for Mid-Summers Nights fun for neighbors and friends:

mid summers fun

Your technical set-up should be optimized

You might need to engage the help of an expert to make sure that the visual and audio elements of your technical set-up are running smoothly. For the backyard projector screen, think of hanging a big white sheet on the side of your home, or positioning it at a sensible spot by the swimming pool such as the fencing surrounding your pool.

If you do not have an audio equipment or projector readily available, think of asking a friend to lend one to  you, better still, renting equipment that can help you with all you will need for the night might be a good idea.   Ensure that you set up any technical equipment at a secure distance far from the pool water and that you carry out a “test run” in advance to troubleshoot any problems.

Be sure to include a variety of seating options

Odds are not everybody will want to lounge in the swimming pool while enjoying the movie. When setting up your seating and keeping in mind these guests, ensure that you include enough seating in the form of backyard furniture situated behind the swimming pool. For people in the swimming pool, ensure that you have plenty of pool floats available, enlisting some guests to come with their own if needed.

mid summers funChoose the best time

Typical movie nights that involve blankets, backyard furniture, and pillows can often cope with less-than-comfortable nightly conditions; however, for a poolside movie night, you will need to ensure that the date you schedule for will probably have comfortable nightly conditions even for those in swimsuits.

Obviously, seating with blankets outside by the swimming pool like on your grassy lawn will serve people who may be too cold in the swimming pool.  If you are anxious about the night getting too cool for your backyard movie showing, consider building  a nice, warm fire in your fire pit nearby too. This gives a nice solution should the night turn cold.

Pick the best movie

You will need to choose a night movie that is crowd-pleasing to keep as many guests pleased as possible. You also should try to shy away from heavy action films and horror movies that may bring about screaming and be an interruption for neighbors.

Mid summers nights dream (by the pool) 1

This photo of Thang Long Water Puppet Theater is courtesy of TripAdvisor

Plan out your refreshments

Barbecue staples such as hot dogs and hamburgers are always popular at mid summers fun, and these dinner-type meals might motivate people to consume their meals and snacks before the film starts instead of bringing them into the swimming pool. Just be sure you stow them away in a refrigerator or cooler when your guests have finished eating rather than leave them out for hours.

If you have a poolside lounging spot  or an outdoor kitchen for movie watching also, you can feel free to add other refreshments such as popcorn and ice cream without having to worry a lot about messy delicacies being tracked into your swimming pool.

With the above ideas, everyone should be looking forward to mid summers nights movie by the pool.

What suggestions have you got for that Mid-Summers nights fun by your own pool?

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