Want to hide pool equipment at your Milton residence? No one wants to look at the equipment it takes to run their pool, they want to look at their pool. In this article, we are going to talk about creative ways to hide pool equipment.
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Options to Hide Pool Equipment

There are many ways to hide pool equipment, but the following are some of the most simple yet more effective ways to creatively hide pool equipment. You can get the eyesore of equipment hidden before you know it.


hide pool equipment

Photo courtesy of Pinterest.com

Panels are great ways to hide pool equipment. They can be elegant or heavy duty panels. You can paint them different colors or you can stain the wood. You may even want to get a mural painted on your panels to make it even more personal and creative for your backyard space.


hide pool equipment

Photo courtesy of intheswim.com

Putting plants or small shrubs around trees in front of the equipment is a beautiful way to hide pool equipment. As in the photo above, you can layer different types of plants and make your pool environment very pretty while still creating a great function in your space. Before you put any type of plants around your pool look for the best plants in your area that do not create debris that will go in your pool.

Hanging Gardens

hide pool equipment

Having a piece of panel or lattice around your equipment and then hanging various plants and flowers over the area will allow you to have colorful and beautiful coverage to hide pool equipment. Depending on the size of your equipment, you may need to look into larger plants. Just make sure that you do not get plants that create debris or you are going to have to have your skimmer our frequently.

Hide Pool Equipment & Create Your Ideal Space

When you have a pool or a pool and a spa, the equipment can be bulky and unattractive, but when you use the methods above to help you keep your space clean and organized, you will be able to create your ideal space.

If you have pool accessories you need to get to, you do not want to create a barrier that is going to make it difficult for you to get poles and skimmers out so make sure to put a gate and latch on any enclosure you may put around that area.

When you upgrade your space by hiding your equipment, you may also want to do some remodeling on your pool. Once you get started on fixing up your space, you could want to do a whole remodel that will give you a fresh look and new function to your pool.

If you need help with your pool and figuring out how to make a space that you love, feel free to reach out to our pool professionals. We have been working with new and seasoned pool owners alike for years and would be glad to help you as well.

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