Pool building is work that should be undertaken accordingly or it may hinder the longevity of your Louisiana pool. The installation should be to done properly and carefully. It’s important to do the planning correctly as well. Be aware of the mistakes to stay away from before building swimming pools Louisiana. They will help you avoid any accidents during the pool building process.

Swimming Pools Louisiana

The moment you decide you want to have a swimming pool installed; there are things you’ll want to take into account first. Don’t hurriedly decide you want a swimming pool and hire somebody right away without thinking about your options. Most people hasten into this without taking the time to think it through. Premier Pools & Spas of New Orleans professionals provide you with a guideline about what mistakes to avoid when building swimming pools Louisiana.

Here’s what homeowners should avoid when constructing swimming pools Louisiana.

Not hiring a good contractor

You can fix most issues by working with a reliable and professional contractor. Allowed, it can be lots of work to find pool builders, compare offers, look for references, and everything else that is part of doing your research. However, getting the right people for building swimming pools Louisiana will make your life a lot simpler.

Avoid the wrong design

A pool’s design determines its depth and size. You might design a big pool only to find out that you’re not using a large area of it. Some concerns when selecting a design include;

Swimming Pools Louisiana

  • Features – Enough space for decking, diving boards, and water slides
  • Sun and shade – The swimming pool needs to have maximum sunlight. Keep clear of places with trees that will also reduce decayed leaves
  • Access – The swimming pool needs to be accessible from your house easily while it maintains privacy
  • Terrain – The sloping land to permit simple drainage.


If you have hired a reliable contractor, you don’t need to keep on looking over their shoulder while they are working. It is fine to investigate a little, particularly if you’ve worries on how the work is progressing. However, faultfinding will stress you out and ruin your relationship with your contractor.

Cheap work

There is a fine line between following a budget and taking shortcuts. Working with the cheapest contractor and planning for substandard materials usually costs you a lot ultimately. Instead of accepting unusually good offers, be realistic and construct the top quality swimming pool you can pay for.

Wrong type of pool

Know the pool type you want. The type of swimming pool will determine the sort of material you need to use. Premier Pools, New Orleans pool builders recommend that concrete/gunite is the best material for building inground swimming pools Louisiana. It’s easy to do a range of depth, designs, and shape using this material.

Premier Pools, New Orleans builders recommend considering the cost of owning a pool instead of upfront costs. You should shop for the pool that will cost you less in long-term upkeep. Also think about the probability of installing extra features such as water slides, water heaters etc.

Swimming Pools Louisiana

Swimming Pools Louisiana – Conclusion

We at Premier Pools & Spas of New Orleans promise to provide you with as much details as possible to help you make the best swimming pool decision. We would like you to purchase the swimming pool that meets your needs. Contact us today!

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