The swim area in your backyard is the ultimate getaway that you need during hot and sweltering summers. To beat the heat, swim in New Orleans and enjoy the perks of your own swimming pool. Apart from the pool itself, you might want to invest in the deck area as well. In comparison to regular patios, pool decks serve special performance. Here are some ideas to incorporate modern pool decks in your swim area:

Design an Elevated Pool Deck

With an elevated deck, you can create a different zone for entertainment and lounging in your pool area. You can choose timber or composite wood to build an elevated pool deck. When designing this deck, don’t forget to add a similar elevation to pool fencing as well. By visually dividing the pool space, elevated decks also create a contrasting appearance.

stone features

Pavers for a Natural Look

More modern homes are vying for natural ambiance in their backyard oasis. If you also share this idea, invest in pavers for the pool deck. Pavers are a hardscape option that’s available in stone, concrete, or brick material. You can choose interlocking pavers made from concrete. They are not only durable but also look similar to the stone decks. If you choose concrete pavers, you’ll get a variety of materials, shapes, colors, and sizes. Also, it is a low-cost material that requires minimum maintenance.

Composite Wood for Low Maintenance

While timber needs a lot of maintenance, you can cut this cost by investing upfront in composite wood decks. It has the look of timber. But, composite wood is a lot more durable in the long run. It requires lesser upkeep while retaining the aesthetic appeal of timber decking. Wood composite uses a mixture of wood particles and high-density polyethylene.

Tile Decking for Additional Glaze

Tiles come with an air of sophistication and versatility. If you choose unglazed tiles with a matte finish, it resembles natural stone. However, if you need shimmering beauty, you can opt for ceramic tiles or mosaic tiles that come in a wide variety of designs. When using tiles in the pool deck, be prepared for regular maintenance as well. The grout between the tiles gets grimy with time. You must keep it clean to avoid damages to the tiles.


Concrete Deck for Personalized Design

Modern homes have a dedicated area to swim in New Orleans. They need a personalized deck to create coherent looks in the outdoors. Here, you can choose concrete decks that can be personalized with any pattern. For example, you can choose them to create a cobblestone look in your backyard. Concrete is not only durable but also less likely to promote weed growth. So, it’s a safer choice for pool decking.

Build Decking Walkways

When you want to connect your swim area with your home and backyard, you can build a decking walkway. Use mixed materials like wood and natural stone to give an edge to this walkway. If you have a paved pool with alfresco dining and entertainment area, your decking can serve as the walkway connecting them.

These are some modern pool deck areas to enjoy your swim in New Orleans swimming pools.

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