Landscaping a pool area in San Diego, CA, is a different challenge for every homeowner, in the same way, the design of each backyard and home is distinct. However, when it comes to selecting plants for your pool landscape there are a few common considerations. This includes scent, safety, privacy, the right size, and easy maintenance. Most pool owners are unsure where to begin modern pool designs and landscaping, whether it is a modern, minimalist getaway or a tropical oasis.

modern pool designs and landscaping

Here we answer some questions to help you get started with your modern pool designs and landscaping journey:

What are the ideal low-maintenance pool landscape plants?

Select plants that often keep their leaves year-round so that you do not have a leaf mess. You can also go for evergreen grass-like plants like liriope, phormium, lomandra, which do not need pruning.

Keep away from messy plants that drop nuts, needles, leaves, or fruits. An important goal is to reduce the quantity of leaf debris. Not only do specific small flowers (azalea, bougainvillea, crepe myrtle,) clog pool filters, but also berries and fruits from trees can drop and stain modern pool designs and landscaping.

What are the best modern pool designs and landscaping plants for privacy?

Think about the perimeter section of your space, and be familiar with any exposed views. Unwinding in your swimsuit in full view of the nosy neighbors feels as if you are swimming in a fish tank. You can begin at the fence line and landscape your way in, adding different heights and layers. You should be aware of deciduous trees that in winter might unexpectedly open up an unwanted view.

modern pool designs and landscaping

What safety problems should you consider when selecting pool landscape plants?

Avoid plants loved by bees to reduce accidental stings. You should also keep away from any plant with sharp blades, thorns, or spikes that might hang into the pool. This includes cactus, yucca, and Miscanthus. It is important that any ground covers planted around your pool shouldn’t attract bees.

What’s the first step you should take when landscaping a pool area?

The first place to start is the design. Select a planting theme, like tropical or modern. Also, take into consideration your existing modern pool designs and landscaping. This is to ensure that all the elements match with each other. Your pool area still needs the consideration of basic backyard design elements of texture, balance, scale, color, and proportion.

What plant sizes are perfect for a pool area?

Landscaping a pool area is a different issue for every homeowner, just like the design of each backyard and home is unique. However, when it comes to selecting pool landscape plants there are a few common considerations such as scent, safety, easy maintenance, the right size, and privacy.

modern pool designs and landscaping

Modern pool designs and landscaping – Conclusion

By combining several types of plants around your outdoor space, you can create a stunning landscape that will entertain friends and family and make your backyard oasis feel like paradise. If you need help with your modern pool designs and landscaping in San Diego, feel free to contact Premier Pools & Spas today!

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