People who want a backyard pool often prefer modern raised spas which are considered the epitome of luxury. The climate in Austin is hot and humid for many months of the year. A modern raised spa in your backyard can provide your family enjoyment year-around. Here are some raised spa ideas you can consider.

Attached Raised Spa

raised spas

This pool design is ideal for people who want a spa attached to their pool. The attached spa is built right next to the pool. It can be of any size and space but it needs to blend with the pool design and make it look good. An attached raised spa adds an additional point of interest to the pool and makes it more appealing.

Not Attached Spa

Modern Raised Spas- A Mark of Luxury in Modern Homes 1

If you have a big backyard and looking for a space-filling raised spa design, non-attached spa design is right for you. In this spa design, the pool owner can choose to have the spa and pool at separate spaces to get more privacy for the spa. This spa and pool design is well suited for an expansive area and can also be accommodated in a small area.

Raised Perimeter-Overflow Spa

In overflow style of modern raised spas, the water overflows its edges and is recycled in the pool. This pool design is also called 360-degree vanishing edges as it is similar to the infinity-edge swimming pool design where edges of the spa are not distinctly visible. The perimeter flow design can be either flush with the deck where the water overflows through a hidden slot. In a square spa and pool design, the raised perimeter overflow spa features a unique cube lie effect where the water overflows from all sides of the cube into the pool.

Spa with Overflow into the Pool

Modern Raised Spas- A Mark of Luxury in Modern Homes 2

In the spa with overflow design, the spa is constructed at a raised level and the water from the spa overflows into the pool from a spillway that creates a miniature waterfall-like effect in the pool. One unique characteristic of this design is the sound of water falling in the pool.A pool with a raised spa design allows you to achieve visual appeal and sound sensation of moving water. The part of the spa in such design appears as open area.

Integrated Spa

The spa is so well integrated into the pool design that it would be hard for you to distinguish between spa and pool from a distance. You can use a different kind of lighting schemes to create a stunning effect in the pool. The colorful finishing materials of the spa blend with the pool and also coordinate with the deck. By raising the spa above deck and pool, the perimeter of the spa becomes a water feature in itself.

If you are looking for modern raised spas with a pool, there are many possibilities of custom designs that can give your backyard a stunning view. As you can see, there are many attached spa designs to make your backyard look unique and also get you required function from the pool with attached spa.

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