Nowadays, many homeowners who want a backyard pool in Redding include modern raised spas as a part of the complete outdoor experience. Whether it’s separated, raised with a spillway or connected, spas provide the family with enjoyment year-round. Spas offer relaxation while the water jets are a fun spot for children. Also, modern raised spas feature elegant features such as a spillover. This will help serve as a pool water feature as water is spilling from the spa into the pool.

modern raised spas

Here are some modern raised spas ideas to consider.

1. Attached raised spa

Our pool experts can install this spa adjacent to your pool but, the pool and spa seem as separate structures.

Custom-built to match with the overall feel of the poolscape, most choose design elements that will add another dimension to a pool design. The end product will place this type of spa as an appealing, additional point of interest.

2. Non-attached spa

Sometimes, a luxury spa requires a space all to itself and isn’t attached to or designed in the pool. Usually, the pool owner chooses to have the pool and spa in separate spaces to provide the spa a little more privacy. Whether it’s to fill an expansive backyard space or to accommodate a small area, this spa is a design trend whose reputation will command attention.

3. Spa with overflow into the pool

One of the most calming design elements available to pool design is the sound of water falling. A pool with an attached raised spa provides the opportunity to integrate the audible and visual appeal of water in motion. Usually, parts of the top of the spa appear as open areas. This will serve as a spillway letting water from your spa to cascade into your backyard pool.

modern raised spas

4. Raised perimeter-overflow spa

The reputation of these modern raised spas design is most certainly on the rise. The strategy is utilized as an integrated choice attached to or within the pool and also a common stand-alone design. This type of spa seems to rest above the water line while in reality, the walls of this raised perimeter-overflow spa are set below the water level. This will let the water to spill over both sides of the spa. The aesthetic is spectacular when adding light catching material such as glass tile.

5. Integrated spa

The design of this spa provides great choices for placement in the pool. Usually, this design is nearly inconspicuous from a distance. This is because the spa is so properly integrated into the pool’s overall design that it vanishes into the design scheme. You can use various light reflective materials for a stunning look!

Health benefits of immersing in warm water

With the unlimited choices available for customized spa design, the trend of adding the luxury spa into the backyard’s overall design plan is definitely increasing. Another essential element to think about is the health benefits you’ll get through immersing yourself in warm water. Warm water immersion offers a lot of benefits to both mind and body, which include:

  • Can help in the healing of joint or muscle injuries
  • More efficient breathing
  • Lower resting pulse rate
  • Improvements in mood
  • Improved circulation

modern raised spas

Modern Raised Spas – Conclusion

Let Premier Pools & Spas of Redding professionals construct the best pools with modern raised spas for your loved ones to enjoy. Visit our offices in Redding, California today!

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